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The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral
Robert Westall
Sunburst Books (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux), 97 pages

The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral
Robert Westall
Born in Tynemouth, Northumberland in 1929, Robert Westall graduated from Durham University with a B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art. After a period in the army, he then taught in a sixth-form college in Cheshire before opening an antique shop. Robert Westall won the Carnegie Medal in 1976 and 1982 for The Machine Gunners and The Scarecrows respectively. He now lives in Lymm, Cheshire.

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Penguin - The Scarecrows
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A review by Margo MacDonald

This is a chilling tale spun by a master storyteller. The style of the narrator is so genuine you feel like he is right there speaking to you. The suspense is gradually unleashed as more and more details are discovered and the ending is both explosive and gratifying.

The narrator is a steeplejack who is hired to restore the stones of a medieval cathedral tower. The details of the work of a steeplejack are interestingly relayed and well researched. It soon becomes apparent that there is something wrong, perhaps downright evil, about this particular tower and as the characters delve deeper into the mystery, the atmosphere grows more gruesome and intense.

It is short enough to read in one shot, which adds to the pleasure of reading this book. And, like the best of horror stories, this novella will leave you with a chill down your spine and a satisfied mind.

Due to some language and content, however, I would not recommend this book for readers under 14.

Copyright © 1997 by Margo MacDonald

Margo has always been drawn toward fantasy and, at the age of 5, decided to fill her life with it by pursuing a career as a professional actress. Aside from theatre (and her husband), Margo's passion has been for books. Her interests are diverse and eclectic, but the bulk fall within the realm of speculative fiction. She tells us that her backlog has reached 200 books and she's ready to win the lottery and retire.

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