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No Dominion
Charlie Huston
Narrated by Scott Brick, unabridged
Blackstone Audio, 8 hours

No Dominion
Charlie Huston
Charlie Huston is a former actor who lives in Manhattan with his wife, the actress Virginia Louise Smith. He is the author of the Henry Thompson trilogy (Caught Stealing, Six Bad Things, and A Dangerous Man) and the first Joe Pitt Casebook, Already Dead.

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A review by Jennifer McCann

Scott Brick once again breathes "life" into the character of Joe Pitt in this sequel to Charlie Huston's Already Dead.

Joe is back to his old tricks, trying to stay flush with the blood and the bling, while also keeping a low profile with the other Vyrus infected factions. One night while hanging out at his favorite bar, Joe comes into contact with another victim of the Vyrus who appears to be wigged out on some kind of new drug called Anathema. Since the Vyrus cancels out every other stimulant, this gets Joe's attention. Thus begins a twisted tale of drugs, betrayal and city wide domination. Joe, in trying to stay afloat, takes a job with Terry of the Society. Terry wants Joe to find the source of the new drug.

In his quest, Joe is drawn into the middle of a war between rival gangs headed by Digger, a charmingly vicious and frightening gangbanger and Papa, a Farrakahan-esque, fez-wearing overlord. With the assistance by surprising allies, Joe is taken to the source of the Anathema. In the introduction of new players, Joe discovers the Anathema's horrifying secret.

At every turn, Joe feels that someone is directing his every move and they do not have his well-being at heart. Is it the Coalition, which has been gunning for him since his last run-in with them, or is it the Enclave still trying to convince him that he is one of them? Or is there a new puppeteer on the scene pulling Joe's strings?

Charlie Huston creates a powerful and compelling continuation of the Joe Pitt saga. Mr. Huston accomplishes the rare feat of making a sequel better than the original story. The twist and turns are the quality of which Machiavelli would be proud.

Scott Brick stretches his considerable vocal muscles with the diversity of each character. Covering a range of socioeconomic and cultural dialects, Mr. Brick brings the feel of the streets to life with his portrayal of Digger as the street savvy, hard-edged gangster but with the dimension of a real person not just a caricature. His variety makes each character whole and distinct. Both Mr. Huston and Mr. Brick create the width and breadth of the amazing amalgamation that is New York City.

Copyright © 2008 Jennifer McCann

A belly dancing, dyslexic wife and mother who in her spare time works as a library clerk. A full and rich life is lead through the books she listens to and/or reads. Dyslexics Untie!

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