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The Babylon Project was conceived and implemented by the Earth Alliance immediately following the Earth/Minbari War. Its purpose was to avoid future wars by providing a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully and avoid future misunderstandings.

The first three attempts at building a Babylon station met with disaster as sabotage by unknown forces destroyed them early in their construction. With Babylon 4, the Earth Alliance built a huge station - only to have it disappear 24 hours after coming online. The station was considered lost, and one final attempt to create a Babylon station was made, on a minimal budget, funded partially by the Minbari Federation - Babylon 5.

Interested in reading about some recent episodes? You can read Rick Norwood's commentary on science fiction television in his SF Site column, Babylon 5.1.

The Babylon 5 UK Fan Club

Babylon5 The original fan-based club, it's unofficial, but has been supporting the show since before the first episode was broadcast, with the help of J. Michael Straczynski. Now over two years old and with almost 3000 members, mainly in the UK. They organized Sigma957, the first UK Babylon 5 event, four further Sigma957 events, as well as conventions organised in association with Wolf 359.

The Official Babylon 5 Website

Babylon5 Sponsored by Time Warner Entertainment Co., the official Babylon 5 site hosts a number of features including cast bios, a chat area and lots of images. Current highlights are a tour the Medlab and the Observation Dome in Quicktime VR, a picture of the Hugo Award-winning team responsible for producing The Coming of Shadows!, a trivia area to test your knowledge of the B5 universe and the Online Episode Guide which also contains schedule of upcoming episodes.

Babylon 5 Shop

Babylon5 The site provides a retail outlet for books, calendars, laser discs, video tapes, costumes, masks, Fleer trading cards, collector's magazine, micromachines, mugs, photos, sound track CD & tapes, screen saver and t-shirts. Whew...

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia

Babylon5 This site may be the definitive guide to the series. It covers all the episodes and is kind enough to state that the information may present spoiler information if you have not seen all the episodes. They recommend that this guide be used as a reference after seeing an episode.

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