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STAR TREK began in 1966 as a science fiction television show created by Gene Roddenberry. Some thirty years, four television series, and seven theatrical releases later, STAR TREK is as alive and strong as ever. Although STAR TREK's primary mission has always been to entertain, in the process it has become a phenomenon in and of itself. The combination of STAR TREK and its loyal fans are much more than the sum of the parts; together, they represent a distinctive element in popular culture.

Interested in reading about some recent episodes? You can read Rick Norwood's commentary on science fiction television in his SF Site column, Babylon 5.1.

Nitpicker Central

Star Trek Nitpicker Central started originally just for Star Trek, but has expanded to other TV shows and movies, including Star Wars. It is run by Phil Farrand, who wrote the Nitpicker's Guide books (Next Generation I and II, Classic Trek DS9 and X-philes). Most of the action centres around the discussion forum.

The Klingon Language Institute

Star Trek Founded in January 1992 with only a few dozen members, the Klingon Language Institute has enjoyed rapid growth in its short history. Within a single year, membership had grown to over 100 and has continued to grow. In December of 1993, the KLI applied for and was granted incorporation as a domestic nonprofit corporation within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Not long after, the KLI was federally recognized as a non-profit organization. As of January 1996, over 1000 individuals have joined the KLI, coming from more than 30 nations around the globe, and from every continent.

The KLI has two main goals. The first is to promote, foster, and develop the Klingon language and the second is to bring together Klingon language enthusiasts from around the world and provide them with a common forum for the discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Canadian Server

Star Trek Maintained by D. Joseph Creighton, the site has a list of all Star Trek ships and one for Star Trek locations. Other topics include Subspace Physics, Relativity and FTL Travel and quick reference guides to both ST:TNG and ST:DS9.

U.S.S. Internet

Star trek Every week the starship U.S.S. Internet visits a Star Trek homepage and will provide you (the visitor to this site) with a detailed report. They take URL submissions via e-mail. But they say that only the best sites in the galaxy will be included.

Voyager Virtual Season Eight

Star Trek This is a web-based, non-profit project, which will attempt to continue the voyages of the Starship Voyager for the fans, by the fans. It is being directed, written and produced by fans across the world - from the US to Canada to Germany to Great Britain. Their only motive is to continue the adventures for fellow fans.

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