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I have published a few stories, in Analog, Black Gate, and other magazines, but I'm still getting more rejection slips than I like. When I first started writing science fiction, I thought you got a lot of rejection slips when you were a beginner, and then after you sold your first story it was easy sailing. I've found that is not so. Another thing I did not expect -- the stories I have sold all sold to the first market to which I submitted them. I send every story to every market I can think think of, but once a story has been rejected once, it seems to carry some aura of rejection, because I have never had a story once rejected and then published. Have any of you had a similar experience?

A few "rules of the road". If you want a story critiqued -- don't post the story here. Post it on your web site and provide a link. Start a new thread in the writer's forum for each story, with the title and author as the name of the thread, and in the first post the link to the story and a few words about yourself. Do not post links to a different story inside the thread of a story already being discussed.

One final "rule". This forum is for people who want to publish professionally. If you are thin-skinned, don't join. Learning is a hard and often painful process.

Recommending reading, "Steering the Craft" by Ursula LeGuin.
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