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Authority Magazine

Postby damiengwalter » Sun Sep 17, 2006 11:29 am

Issue 0.1 of Authority magazine now open to submissions. For full submission details please see:

After Death - What comes next? Is the final end just that - the end? Or is there something…other?

Technology holds the promise of lives centuries or millenia long, perhaps even immortality itself. Will mankind escape the bounds of mortality, or will we find that death is what makes us human ?

Death leaves the living behind. Those who love us grieve. Those who hate us rejoice. Billions of others go on as ever before. Death is the most common event in the world, and the most secret. What happens in the world of the living after the dead have passed?

Some people think they know what awaits us on the other side, others have their own ideas and more often than not they are not in agreement. Should we agree to disagree, or is the truth important enough to fight or even die for?

Authority magazine seeks stories that show us what happens ‘After Death’. Maybe you can show us part of the answer, or find questions we haven’t thought to ask.
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