Everyone required to carry a gun

This is the place to ask about that story you remember so well -- but can't remember the title and author.

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Everyone required to carry a gun

Postby johanna » Sat Jun 09, 2007 12:52 pm

Everyone is required to be carry a gun in this book with the effect of society becoming much more polite. Does anyone know author or title.
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sounds familiar

Postby admin » Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:56 am

This sounds familiar. Heinlein often made the point that a gun totin' society is a polite society, and in many of his futures, all adult males were packing. Of course, Hip Hop society is a fine example of how gun ownership increases politeness.

Eric Frank Russel wrote stories which, if not this, were like this.

Finally, clearly not the story you are thinking of, but along the same lines, is Van Vogt's The Weapon Shops of Ishar. "The right to own weapons is the right to be free."
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Re: Everyone required to carry a gun

Postby springate » Tue May 19, 2009 10:04 am

I believe the story you are referring to is "Beyond this Horizon" by Robert Heinlein.
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