Prisoners with amnesia awake in an empty jail

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Prisoners with amnesia awake in an empty jail

Postby seanh » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:32 pm

Prisoners with amnesia awake in an empty jail where they are free to roam about. In the beginning each person awakes to their surroundings. Their eyes are blurry but they can make out a toilet. A sink. Sheets at the end of their beds. Each cell has a single door. The door is unlocked. When each person leaves their respective cells they see a name on the door. This is the only way the people know what their names are.

They are fed once a day through an opening in the ceiling 15 feet above them. With nothing to do the 3 men wonder the different hallways attempting to find their way out and what is going on.

As the plot thickens it turns out that one of the 'prisoners' were put on the inside to keep an eye on the others. Eventually the three men break out and 2 of them are mortally wounded. The last man to die is the one sent to keep an eye on the others. He tells the last guy everything that is going on.

Sorry that this is all i know. I kind of skimmed this book but am looking for more information on. The writing was very suspenseful and I very much enjoyed it. I would say it is a book written for 6th-8th graders.

It reminded me very much of 'the cube' series of movies. I don't recall if there were any traps in the book.

Thank you in advance.
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