I'm wondering if you guys can help find this..........

This is the place to ask about that story you remember so well -- but can't remember the title and author.

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I'm wondering if you guys can help find this..........

Postby nevemore2782 » Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:32 am

I'm looking for some stories or books, and I don't know if these exist, but I know what i'm looking for, in the style of indiana jones with exploration, culture and myth, action of course, maybe some history thrown in, you know, kinda pulpy. Maybe even like national treasure-ish, only better and manlier, hehe. Like i said, this may not even exist, but i think they would be some great reads. Really exciting adventure with mysteries, legends and culture to really pull you in. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Postby admin » Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:28 am

I'd suggest Robert Harris. His books are not series books, but are great historical adventure. Start with Pompey.

Also, these are rather old, and are "kids" books, but I loved the Rick Brant series. He has adventures all over the world, does some archeology, and mixes history with science.
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Postby Brightonian » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:55 am

I imagine the OP would enjoy H Rider Haggard as well, one of the grandfathers of pulp fiction.
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