Book I'd Like to Read

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Book I'd Like to Read

Postby MrSmith » Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:01 am

Here are two excerpts I've seen online. There is no name listed for the book that they are from, but it sounds like it is interesting.

1. The priest said, “...A person with higher spiritual consciousness can help those they love to raise their own levels of awareness. In fact, it is their karma—a sort of spiritual duty.”

“I’d like to save the world,” said Jane, “but I don’t mind just saving Tom.”

The priest started to chuckle again. Even the crystals looked like they were smiling.

“Now we must get serious,” said the priest. “It is time for you to learn to use the crystals so that you can return to the shuttle and eventually get back to earth to perform a very important mission.”

“How will we get the shuttle back up?” asked Tom, “I haven’t a clue about what to do.”

“That’s easy,” said the priest. “All of us will concentrate deeply and send a telepathic message to Houston. Then someone there will get the idea about where to look for you.”

“Now I’ve heard of everything,” said Tom. “With our luck the message will be picked up by the janitorial staff instead of the men at the controls.” Jane was not amused by Tom’s remark. She grimaced and turned away from him in embarrassment.

“Meditating with the crystals can be difficult for some people,” continued the priest. “Collective meditation is even harder. First I must teach you and Jane to meditate together.”

“That sounds sexy,” quipped Tom. “Can we go off to another room and practice?"

“Sorry Tom, there is no sex involved in meditation although good sex is a matter of the mind. Actually meditation really helps both partners to have a positive sexual experience.”

“Tell that to Dr. Ruth Westheimer,” said Jane.

2. "On the fourth day of their visit, to the great shock of the Supranational Council, Amaya was found murdered in his hotel room. Then, on the very next morning, the unbelievable occurred. Barzak was run over by a car going almost 100 miles per hour on a country road in Russia. He hadn’t even a remote chance at survival because the vehicle had gunned down its gas pedal and was heading directly for him when he was hit….
Back in the United States, especially along the Atlantic Coast, things were going from bad to worse. During a ten day period, more than 100,000 people died in Boston of a horrifying and debilitating viral disease that ate up the dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin, causing instant death. In the State of Maine, 50,000 people had to leave work for an extended time period due to…mind-boggling headaches. To make matters even worse, it became necessary to close schools in New York for over a month."
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