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That's A Good Question

Postby John Thiel » Sun May 27, 2007 6:15 pm

Nobody has stirred me enough this year in science fiction for me to feel really behind there being a Hugo for a particular person or thing. It seems to me that aside from being the best at one thing or another, no one has done anything really unique and outstanding. I could give an example of something outstanding. You're standing back while I mention the production of LORD OF THE RINGS, but what I really have in mind is the actor portraying Reverend Bem's conversion. I know written matter is what the Hugos are about, but I'm giving an example of something that's outstanding. I think at one time David Gerrold won an award for THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSLF, and that is an example of something that's unique, outstanding, and epochal, although I didn't find it very well-written, comparitively speaking. BUT it was a "winner"--defined as having that special quality that a winner has. Oh, there's one thing I would vote for, that's F&SF for having shown the most innovative policies this year. They're going for it, you see, maybe not a Hugo, but they're going for it.
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Postby admin » Mon May 28, 2007 1:53 pm

David Gerrold seems to have reinvented himself as a writer, turning out increasingly personal stories which I like a lot. I'm looking forward to the movie of his story A Martian Child.
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