Well there's no going back now!

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Well there's no going back now!

Postby ChrisC » Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:34 am

Tickets paid for and flights booked. Leaving the 9th of August. Arriving Sunday afternoon. With a stop off at Dubai.

What is important is that when I get to the UK they will continue treatment. I know Doctors are very weary of prescribing Benzo's I'm on Diazepam 10mg or more if needed I don't take it daily. However that stuff hang's around in the system for ages. I have been on it for a year and half.

The Doctors in the UK must understand they cannot simply stop prescribing it as I will go into withdrawal which is immoral and wrong. If they want me to stop taking I shall need to have a tapering system in place. Any Doctor that is not willing to do that shall be reported. You can't expect a sudden abrupt stop of Diazepam and think that everything will be OK. So lets hope I get an understanding Doctor. Also I can finally go onto a high dose of Respiridone 4-6mg. Which is like R3000 here almost 250 pounds. I'll be able to get the right dose on the NHS so I won't need the Diazepam any more. Although the Diazepam needs to be tapered.

What do you think my chances are. Is it in the interests of a Doctor to deal with this sensitive issue and prescribe smaller doses and over a long period of time if that is what is needed?
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Re: Well there's no going back now!

Postby admin » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:55 am

I've heard good and bad stories about UK doctors, so your guess is as good as mine. Let us know how it goes.
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Re: Well there's no going back now!

Postby spacecat » Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:45 pm

Good luck Chris!

Talk to the Dr's. You sound very informed and high functioning and should be able to get one that listens to you.
And certainly speak up for yourself about the tapering off of meds - sometimes they miss that.

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