Dark Fantasy / Horror RPG

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Dark Fantasy / Horror RPG

Postby darrick » Sun Mar 05, 2006 2:34 am

just wanted to tell you about my dark fantasy/horror roleplaying game: Empire of Satanis. play a Lovecraftian Hellraiser-esque Fiend determined to destroy reality using black magic and re-make it to your will.

hardcover Empire of Satanis:


thanks, Darrick Dishaw


Re: Dark Fantasy / Horror RPG

Postby aeriph » Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:41 am

lol i just had a skim through it - i read the race descriptions and bonuses in detail. i used to go to a club where we played stuff like this, but a lot of people take it so seriously it stops being fun. this looks like it would be a laugh. how many copies have you sold off lulu?
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