science fiction bodyguard guild that uses wrist darts

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science fiction bodyguard guild that uses wrist darts

Postby jcarroll6 » Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:48 am

Read them years ago and can't remember the author. It is a bodyguard guild that uses a style of martial arts that is made up of, something like, 40 steps. They also uses darts that are shot out of a wrist mounted weapon. They dress in black robes. Would appreciate any help. Would love to read them again.
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97th step

Postby hwrangwarrior » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:35 pm

the author is steve perry, like 5 books in story line, first book was the man who never missed, then 97th step. Not sure of the order of the others but they were black steel, matadora, the albino knife, and come to think of it at least two more. very good books.

Postby spacecat » Tue Jun 20, 2006 11:41 am

Yes, that has to be the books. The dart shooters are called spetzdods and the robes are of a special material that protects them from heat, cold and water.

They are part of a very good (overall, some books are better than others) series called Matador. Books are:
The Man Who Never Missed
The Machiavelli Interface
The Omega Cage
The 97th Step
The Albino Knife
Black Steel
Brother Death

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And it looks like there is also a new book out in '05 called The Musashi Flex.

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