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Postby admin » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:01 pm

While I was out of town for a few days, the site was flooded with porn, all from people who took the time to register and decode the human only test pattern. I'm deleting all the porn now, but it takes a lot of my time, so...

So, here is a plot for an sf story -- use it if you like. The Secret Masters of the World hate all of the free exchange of ideas that goes on on the internet. What is the point of buying up all of the television, radio, magazine, book, and newspaper outlets if people can freely exchange ideas on the web. So, the SMotW hire poor people in India to flood the internet with so many links to porn sites that actual discussion of ideas becomes impossible, thus assuring their uninterrupted rule, until the heat death of the universe, which porn spam will hasten by about ten to the twenty-third power years.

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