Hope someone can help :)

This is the place to ask about that story you remember so well -- but can't remember the title and author.

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Hope someone can help :)

Postby Tdogbooks » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:38 am

Here's what i remember.

There are two groups of aliens the 'evil' one that is ruled over by species using mind control etc.

The other friendly confederation has various races; i remember a cat-like race, amphibian adapted, etc.

Earth is discovered by both sides, the good side starts off trying to negiate aid b/c while humanity isn't as advanced they're the best soldiers by far.

The other side arrives and attacks which unites humanity and puts them squarely on the friendly confederation.

thanks for any help.
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Postby Tdogbooks » Sun Jul 29, 2007 1:03 am

i remember some more.

The first character is some kind of composer/musician on a boat by himself to rest, relax and make music.

The 'good' aliens end up landing near him and making contact with him. This occurs at night, the guy is woken up by an alien, and despite him being a fairly 'normal' civilian he breaks the aliens arm and flees the ship, impressing upon the aliens his strength, speed, swimming ability etc.

It all gets straightened out with the aliens trying to convince him humans would be of great help in the fight, and their cause is just etc.

Anyway the story moves on from there. I think there are a few books.

Last thing i remember, the chief evil race has some sort of telepathic ability, but when they use it on a human, they get this massive, violent emotion backlash which usually kills the alien.

anyway, anything that sounds like it could be it.

thanks again
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Alan Dean Foster?

Postby knelson111 » Tue Sep 18, 2007 7:57 pm

This promising new series depicts galactic warfare on a grand scale, encompassing untold numbers of races and worlds on both sides, and lasting hundreds of years. The Amplitur, a telepathically manipulative race, attempts to convert to its nebulous purpose all sentient life through the use of persuasion, threats, and genetic manipulation. The Weave, a not-always harmonious coalition of races, has taken up arms in an attempt to pursue its own destinies. Because of the basic aggressive nature of Earthlings, the Weave recruit individuals to use as warriors in their battle against the Amplitur. Will Dulac, New Orleans composer and teacher, is the first.

The Damned Trilogy
A Call To Arms
The False Mirror
The Spoils of War
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