Need help finding an author or title to a series.

This is the place to ask about that story you remember so well -- but can't remember the title and author.

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Need help finding an author or title to a series.

Postby daddyegon » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:24 pm

Hi, I really hope someone can help me here. I'm looking for anything about a series of books that I read when I was in highschool, between 1997 and 1999. It was a short series of about 4 to 6 books. The main character was a boy who acuired the gift of second sight by some kind of accidental means, either by performing a small ritual from a book or by hitting his head. One thing i do remember about the whole scenario is that he had to bend over and look between his legs. Also he could let other people see what he saw by saying some passage like, below my head and above my feet see what I see, something to that effect. Through this second sight he could see some castle on the mountain top behind his parents house. The story also had to do with two worlds intersecting and at certain times of the year being able to cross over. This is how the boy met faries/elves ( I can't remember which). These creatures could ride into our world from theirs at these certain times and it was something that was regularly done. Also that creatures were severely injured by iron or steel. In one of the later books you meet another boy who is native american and with him the main character goes the the indian spirit world, sleeps on a bear fur, bleeds on the fur by accident, which then brings the bear back to life. Also the main character turns into a bear and fights with a real bear. One of the other books had to do with the main character rescuing his girlfriend. There was also something about a scale of somekind. The last book in this series was only about the native american character as I remember. I hope that this enough info. If not please reply and I will post more of what I can remember. Thanks for trying and again your help is very much appreciated.
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