The Ministry of Truth and Wikipedia

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The Ministry of Truth and Wikipedia

Postby Third Foundationer » Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:10 am

I'm not sure where else to put this.

Some extraordinary stuff has been happening on Wikipedia of late, regarding Ms. Sarah Palin and her gaffe about Paul Revere. I don't want to post my full article here, so allow me instead to insert a shameless plug to it:

If you go to the blog section (titled "I'm Glad You Asked") you can read the full article, plus find some links to the controversy.

If you've ready 1984, you'll know what the issue is.

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Re: The Ministry of Truth and Wikipedia

Postby admin » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:05 am

I enjoyed reading your blog. The Republican Party has been taking its lesson plans from 1984 ever since they took on Carl Rove as their Minister of Truth. Rove said, don't attack your enemy's weaknesses, attack his strengths. Is he honest? Say he's a crook. Is he intelligent? Say he's stupid. Is he brave? Say he's a coward.

One of the most dispicable examples was when John Kerry was running for president, and the Republicans mocked his Purple Heart. "Just a scratch," they said, people who have never stood up under enemy fire. I thought that even the Conservatives would consider mocking a man's war wound, which an inch to the right would have been fatal, repulsive. It didn't happen that way. They embraced the Big Lie as Conservative Truth, and won the election.

The current issue of Mother Jones has countless examples of how the entire Republican strategy for the last thirty years has been based on the Big Lie, confidence that most people will not bother to look things up, a strategy of casting doubt on all mainstream (lamestream) sources of information, and a characterization of people who uncritically accept Conservative Lies as independent thinkers.

I became a fan of Obama when I read his books, in which he states unashamedly that he believes in science, that he believes in global warming, that he believes in evolution. I'll bet he did read Isaac Asimov as a young man.
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