looking fo rname of short story

This is the place to ask about that story you remember so well -- but can't remember the title and author.

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looking fo rname of short story

Postby birdwatchermgc » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:52 am

I think the story may have been published in OMNI, in not then some time in the late 1970's into the 1980's
the story happens in a not too distant future, a family has a piece of large sculpture, neaarly house size, inside the structure is a grandfathter and he is hiding from a government agent because he is supposedly in possession of the last legally held paper currency. the daughter of the man who is hiding ignores him while the grandson has a normal relationship with his grandfather.
what was the name of the story? author and publication?
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Re: looking fo rname of short story

Postby slaven41 » Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:26 pm

This is about the time that I was subscribing to Omni (79-around 82) and this story doesn't ring a bell. But that may not mean too much (even though I read most of the fiction that they published around that time). In retrospect, I'd have to say that it was probably Omni more than anything else that got me into science fiction.

Anyway, sorry I can't give any real help here. Just had to wax nostalgic for a moment.

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