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October/November 2001
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Coming Attractions

Thomas M. Disch, Harlan Ellison, Maureen F. McHugh, Robert Sheckley, Walter Mosley, Kate Wilhelm, and R. Garcia y Robertson. These are just a few of the writers who will be bringing us new stories in the months ahead.

Our December issue will feature "Little Brother," an interesting take on the future of the American judicial system. Its author, Walter Mosley, is best known for his mystery novels like Devil in a Blue Dress, but in recent years Mr. Mosley has turned to science fiction to examine issues of life today and tomorrow.

Also on tap next month is a dark tale by a master, namely Thomas M. Disch. "The Shadow" is a piece that was inspired by the fire that burned Mr. Disch out of his New York apartment last year, and the story too rages.

We don't want to say too much about the next few issues, but here are some bits you might find tantalizing:

* Maureen McHugh addresses the issue of memory loss in "Presence"

* Dale Bailey shares with us a remarkably prescient and frightening examination of Presidential elections.

* Jeffrey Ford explores the issue of "Creation" and David Prill reveals dating secrets from an unlikely source.

* M. Rickert puts new spins on some classic myths.

All in all, it looks as though the rest of 2001 and the year 2002 will be very good indeed. Give a gift subscription and you can be sure you'll have a grateful friend throughout the year.

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