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April 2002
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Coming Attractions

Our cover story in May will be "The Mask of the Rex" by Richard Bowes, another one of this storyteller's fine blends of time-travel and fantasy. (And disregard those false reports of M. Rickert's "Leda" appearing in our May issue---we've had to postpone it. Oh, and while you're at it, don't think of pink elephants.)

Also on schedule for May is a new work of science fiction from Alex Irvine, another one of the interesting new voices gracing our pages these days. "Chichen Itza" takes us south to a crossroads where technology can open doors for us . . . or lead us further into isolation.

Next month also promises a fine array of columns, including James Sallis on the current crop of British sf writers, Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy asking us to select Door Number One, and . . . can it be? Will May 2002 see the return of Harlan Ellison's Watching? In the Shire, the good folk wait with bated breath.

This coming issue looks like a good one, so be sure to subscribe now so you won't miss it. In the bargain you'll also get yourself great new stories from the likes of Scott Bradfield, Paul Di Filippo, William Browning Spencer, and R. Garcia y Robertson.

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