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January 2008
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Coming Attractions

AS THE DAYS SHORTEN here in the Northern Hemisphere, F&SF plans to bring readers lots of great fiction to brighten the days.

In our February issue, James L. Cambias gives us a charming tale of making a living out among the moons of Saturn. However, that description might be a bit misleading...but you'll have to wait until next month to read "Balancing Accounts" and see for yourself.

From Saturn to "Memoirs of the Witch Queen," Ron Goulart spins out a story of unusual doings in the quiet town of New Beckford, Connecticut. A humble writer named Paul Sanson finds his life turned upside-down when he takes on the job of polishing the memoirs of a local character. Is Easy Street one of the quiet lanes in this little town?

In the months ahead we've got lots of good tales planned, including a look at politics by Richard Bowes, a fable of the reconstruction from Albert E. Cowdrey, and a vintage space opera by Robert Reed. Other writers with stories in inventory include Al Michaud, M. Rickert, Richard Paul Russo, and James Stoddard. Subscribe now so you won't miss any of the fun!

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