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September 2008
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Coming Attractions

AS WE GO to press with this issue, the contents for our anniversary issue are almost finalized.

We plan to bring you a new story by Stephen King, "The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates." This short story finds the master in fine form, with a vintage tale of the uncanny.

Michael Swanwick also checks in with a first-rate short story. In "The Scarecrow's Boy," he introduces us to a robot with a bit of a problem on his hands.

Then there's "Private Eye" by Terry Bisson, in which we get a sexy spin on life in the Electronic Age, and "Sleepless Years" by Steven Utley, which gives us an interesting scientific experiment. M. Rickert and Eugene Mirabelli are also likely to be on hand next month with short stories.

Geoff Ryman contributes "Days of Wonder," an imaginative tale of the far future, and Charles Coleman Finlay takes us into the past with his historical fantasy, "The Minuteman's Witch." Robert Reed's "The Visionaries" gives us some insight into the creative process. And (need we say it?) lots more await you in our double issue next month.

Looking ahead, the December issue will start off our sixtieth year and we plan to celebrate throughout the year. Go to and subscribe now because you won't want to miss one issue this year.

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