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1968 JAN  McKenna, Richard  They Are Not Robbed  nv  previously unpublished; also in F&SF as R.M. McKenna; has coll. of essays & speeches, New Eyes for Old(1972), which chronicle his development as a writer; fiction coll. Casey Agonistes and Other Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories(1973)
   Leiber, Fritz  Turned-Off Heads, The  vi  see interviews in AMZ 1976 SEP, TWZ 1982 MAR, TotU #6 1989, MZBFM 1992 WIN; articles "Of Sword & Sorcery: Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser" in Fantasy Crossroads #8 1976, "The Ghosts Stories of F.L." in All Hallows #4 1993
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Roger Zelazny: Lord of Light; Colin Wilson: The Mind Parasites
   Delany, Samuel R.  Books  br  Harlan Ellison: I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream; Delany has novels The Jewels of Aptor(1962), Empire Star(1966; rev. 1977), Babel-17(1966; W-1966 NEB; 1995 TIP; N-1967 HUG), & The Einstein Intersection (1967; W-1967 NEB; N-1968 HUG)
   Carr, Terry  Books  br  Robert Silverberg: The Time Hoppers; L.P. Davies: Psychogeist; Carr has anth. 100 Great Fantasy Short Stories(1984, with Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg), The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol.4(1986)
   Sheckley, Robert & Harlan Ellison  I See a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair Is Biting His Leg  nv  (1928- ; 1934- ) story to be in Ellison's book Partners in Wonder (1971), a coll. of his collaborations; Sheckley has pub. many stories in Argosy(U.K.), COL, & PBY; Ellison has pub. many stories in Adam, Knight, PBY, Rogue, Manhunt, & detective pulps
   Saxton, Josephine  Light on Cader  ss 
   Sellings, Arthur  Crack in the Shield  nv  (1921-1968) ps. for U.K. writer Robert Arthur Ley; 1st story pub. sf "The Haunting" in AUT 1953 #38; has colls. Time Transfer(1956), The Long Eureka(1968), novels Telepath(1962), The Uncensored Man(1964), The Quy Effect(1966)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Seventh Metal, The  sces  elements; metals, Part 2 of 3, the 7 ancient metals; this time, mostly about mercury; Part 1 in 1967 DEC(#2568), & Part 3 in 1968 FEB(#2597); has 6th coll. of F&SF science essays Science, Numbers, and I(1968)
   Dorman, Sonya  Lunatic Assignment  ss  also in F&SF as S. Dorman
   Biggle, Lloyd Jr  In His Own Image  ss  has Cultural Survey sequence novels The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets(ASF 1961 APR as "Still, Small Voice"; exp. 1968) & The World Menders(1971); has novel The Fury Out of Time(1965), coll. The Rule of the Door and Other Fanciful Regulations(1967)
1968 FEB  Wilhelm, Kate  Stranger in the House  na  "this is a story about an alien probe of Earth ... focuses on the small group of people who are directly affected, among them Mandy, who is married to Robert"; has novels The Killing Thing(1967), Let the Fire Fall(1969); coll. The Downstairs Room(1968)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Hortense Calisher: Journal from Ellipsia; William Burroughs: The Soft Machine; William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson: Logan's Run; Chester Anderson: The Butterfly Kid; Willard Bain: Informed Sources (Day East Received)
   Ferman, Edward L.  Reader Reaction  note  beginning a Letters to the Book Editor Column, for "reactions to the reviews & general observations of the Book column and comments on books that may not have been mentioned"; open to all, limit to 250 words
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Arthur, Chet  Lucky People, The  ss  (1933- ) ps. for Albert E. Cowdrey, & in F&SF as such with stories in 1997 & 1998 in his Azalea Place, New Orleans, series; born in New Orleans, has novel pub. in 1965; has pub. govt. books on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, & on military medicine
   Mallette, Moses  Stars Know, The  vi 
   Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Aperture in the Sky  ar  what radio telescopes have so far discovered
   Kerr, Walter H.  From a Terran Travel Folder  pm  edited book with Mary Swope, American Classic: Car Poems for Collectors(1985)
   Nolan, William F.  He Kilt It With a Stone  ss  Nolan was raised in Kansas City; wrote some stories under ps. Frank Anmar & F.E. Edwards; has coll. Impact 20(1963); has novel sequence Logan's Run(1967 with George Clayton Johnson; 1976 movie), Logan's World(1977), Logan's Search(1980)
   White, Ted  Wednesday, Noon  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in private detective Ronald Archer series, only other story in series in FAN 1969 OCT; has novels Android Avenger(1965), sequel The Spawn of the Death Machine(1968), juvenile The Secret of the Marauder Satellite(1967)
   Lory, Robert  Locator, The  ss  has sf novels Identity Seven(1974) & The Thirteen Bracelets(1974); has Horrorscope sequence novels The Green Flames of Aries(1974), The Revenge of Taurus(1974), The Curse of Leo(1974), & Gemini Smile, Gemini Kill(1975)
   Harrison, Harry  I Have My Vigil  vi  has anth. series Authors' Choice(1968), Authors' Choice 2(1970), Authors' Choice 3(1971) & Authors' Choice 4(1974); anth. series Nova 1(1970), Nova 2(1972), Nova 3(1973) & Nova 4(1975); anth. The Year 2000(1970), The Light Fantastic(1971)
   Fish, Robert L.  To Hell With the Odds  ss  has Kek Huuygens mys. novel ser., The Tricks of the Trade(1972), Kek Huuygens, Smuggler(1976); anth. With Malice Toward All(1968), & Every Crime in the Book(1975); as Robert L. Pike has Lt. Clancy, NYPD, ser., incl. Mute Witness(1963; movie Bullitt, 1968)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Predicted Metal, The  sces  elements; metals, Part 3 of 3, the 7 ancient metals; this time, mostly about gallium; Part 1 in 1967 DEC(#2568), & Part 2 in 1968 JAN(#2581)
   Moskowitz, Sam  Introduction to Booth Tarkington's "The Veiled Feminists of Atlantis" (Special Reprint Feature)  in  Moskowitz pub. a series of about 50 profiles of sf authors betw. 1958-67, in mags. SAT, FAN, AMZ & WOT; series on sf themes in AMZ 1965 APR, & WOT 1966 JAN, MAR, NOV, 1967 FEB, MAY; has anth. Editor's Choice in Science Fiction(1954)
   Tarkington, Booth  Veiled Feminists of Atlantis, The  ss  (1869-1946) 1st pub. in Forum, 1926 MAR; has novels Monsieur Beaucaire (1900), Penrod(1914), Seventeen(1916); has Pulitzer Prize-winning novels The Magnificent Ambersons(1918), & Alice Adams(1921); a founder of The Fortean Society in 1931
1968 MAR  Jacobs, Harvey  Egg of the Glak, The  nv  (1930- ) "afraid of flying, (he) wrote this story as a long farewell before one such flight"; his 1st story pub. in an sf mag. "In Seclusion" in NWS 1968 FEB; born in NYC, works for ABC-TV, has had stories in Midstream & PBY
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Arthur C. Clarke: The Coming of the Space Age; Isaac Asimov: Is Anyone There?; Carl Sagan & I. Shklovskii: Intelligent Life in the Universe; Vincent H. Gaddis: Mysterious Fires and Lights; Colin Clair: Unnatural History; Harold Stümpke: The Snouters; etc
   68 authors & editors  "We the undersigned believe the United States must remain in Vietnam to fulfill its responsibilities to the people of that country."  misc  Karen & Poul Anderson, Biggle, M.Z. Bradley, Bretnor, Fredric Brown, Buck, Busby, Campbell, Clement, de Camp, Gallun, Galouye, Heinlein, Hensley, Lafferty, P. Schuyler Miller, Moskowitz, Niven, Nourse, Pournelle, Saberhagen, Stine, Vance, Jack Williamson
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Ajeri Diary, The  ss  has nf book The Real Bonnie and Clyde(1968)
   Lanier, Sterling  Whose Short Happy Life?  ss  (1927- ) Sterling E. Lanier, & also in F&SF as such; editor & writer; did 6 years graduate work in anthropology/archaeology at the Univ. of Pennsylvania; editor at Chilton Books 1961-1967, before turning freelance & working as a sculptor & jeweller
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Dinosaurs in Today's World  ar  stories of dragons & dinosaurs & sea serpents in our recent past; Krishna series incl. novels The Tower of Zanid(SFS 1958 MAY-AUG; 1958), The Hostage of Zir(1977), The Bones of Zora(1983), The Swords of Zinjaban(1991), the last two with wife Catherine
   Sheckley, Robert  Budget Planet  ss  an excerpt from his soon-to-be-published novel, Dimension of Miracles(1968), "in which the protagonist wins in error a prize which shunts him back & forth a Galaxy whose reality is disconcertingly arbitrary"(Clute); see official website
   Rosny ainé, J.-H.  Shapes, The  nv  (1856-1940) 1st pub. in 1887; trans. from the French by Damon Knight, in his One Hundred Years of Science Fiction(1968); ps. for Honore Boëx; with his brother Justin used collab. ps. J.-H. Rosny, & later by themselves J.-H. Rosny ainé & J.-H. Rosny jeune
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Seventh Planet, The  sces  planets, Part 1 of 3; this time mostly Mercury & Venus; Part 2 in 1968 APR (#2621), & Part 3 in 1968 MAY(#2632); Asimov has pub. many stories in mags. outside the genre in Gallery, PST, Escapade, Cavalier
   Bunch, David R.  That High-up Blue Day That Saw the Black Sky-train Come Spinning  ss  this story "has been described as an outstanding conflation of moral seriousness and Grand Guignol"(Clute); pub. about 200 non-sf stories before his 1st sf story; 1st story pub. sf "Routine Emergency" in IFS 1957 DEC
   81 authors & editors  "We oppose the participation of the United States in the war in Viet Nam."  misc  Ackerman, Asimov, Blish, Boucher, Bradbury, Carr, Cogswell, Delany, del Rey, Dick, Disch, Ellison, Farmer, Goulart, Harrison, Keyes, Kidd, Knight, Le Guin, Leiber, Malzberg, Merril, Mills, Neville, Reynolds, Russ, Silverberg, Spinrad, Wilhelm, Wollheim
1968 APR  Galouye, Daniel F.  Flight of Fancy  nv  retired from journalism & writing in 1965 due to his wartime injuries; came back to write novels The Lost Perception(1966 UK; vt A Scourge of Screamers, 1968 US), The Infinite Man(1973)
   FitzPatrick, R.C.  Dead to Rights  ss 
   Anderson, Poul  Books  br  Harry Harrison: The Technicolor Time Machine; Kate Wilhelm: The Killer Thing
   Wilson, Gahan  Books: Dark Corner, The  br  H.P. Lovecraft: Lovecraft: Three Tales of Terror(illus. by Lee Brown Coye); E. Hoffman Price: Strange Gateways; Seabury Quinn: The Phantom Fighter
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   McAllister, Bruce  Without a Doubt Dream  ss  (1946- ) student at U.C.L.A.; 1st story pub. sf "The Faces Outside" in IFS 1963 JUL
   Brody, Larry  Demon  ss  received a BA from Northwestern Univ. in 1966, studying for a PhD at the Univ. of Iowa
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Superior Sex, The  ss 
   Eisenberg, Larry  Time of His Life, The  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Dance of the Sun, The  sces  planets, Part 2 of 3; the "wobble" effect the planets have on the sun; Part 1 & 3 in 1968 MAR & MAY; addendum p.91, says his planet essays this month & last, similar to Robert S. Richardson's "Venus and Mercury—Locked Planets?" in ANA 1967 NOV

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