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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Budrys, Algis  Books  1979 MAR  br  essay: Frederik Pohl's style; Frederik Pohl: The Way the Future Was, A Memoir; Avram Davidson: The Redward Edward Papers; Phyllis Eisenstein: Born to Exile; The Best of Lester del Rey; Algis Budrys: Blood & Burning
   Books  1979 MAY  br  essay: on Terry Carr's anth., Classic Science Fiction; Stanley Schmidt: Lifeboat Earth; Jerry Pournelle: Exiles to Glory, & West of Honor
   Books  1979 SEP  br  Arthur C. Clarke: The Fountains of Paradise; Alexei & Cory Panshin: Earth Magic; Frederik Pohl: Jem; Joe Haldeman: Infinite Dreams; Bob Shaw: Medusa's Children
   Books  1979 OCT  br  essay: milestones, incl. Hugo Gernsback's "Ralph 124C 41+," E.E. Smith's "Triplanetary," Joseph W. Campbell's "Twilight," Fritz Leiber's "Coming Attraction," & these books - Robert Onopa: The Pleasure Tube; Spider & Jeanne Robinson: Stardance
   Books  1979 DEC  br  essay: differences betw. Russian & European/American sf; Vladimir Savchenko: Self-Discovery; Barry N. Malzberg & Bill Pronzini(ed): The End of Summer: Science Fiction of the Fifties; Thomas F. Monteleone: The Secret Sea
   Books  1980 MAR  br  essay: "the sf novel by the non-sf writer"; Doris Lessing: Re: Colonized Planet 5 Shikasta; Robie Macauley: A Secret History of Times to Come; Alfred A. Knopf, the publisher of these novels - how they publish sf & handle an sf line, per Algis Budrys
   Books  1980 MAY  br  essay: the epic or trilogy "has become endemic in sf"; Robert Silverberg: Lord Valentine's Castle(in F&SF 1979-80 NOV-FEB); Fred Saberhagen: The Empire of the East; Gene Wolfe: The Shadow of the Torturer; Frederik Pohl: Below the Blue Event Horizon
   Books  1980 AUG  br  Baird Searles, etal: A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction; James A. Rock(ed): Who Goes There, a Bibliographic Dictionary of Pseudonymous Literature in the Fields of Fantasy and Science Fiction; Peter Nicholls:(ed): The Science Fiction Encyclopedia
   Books  1980 SEP  br  essay: Isaac Asimov & his 2-volume autobiography; Isaac Asimov: In Memory Yet Green, & In Joy Still Felt
   Books  1980 OCT  br  essay: the 'old' Heinlein vs. the 'new' Heinlein; Robert A. Heinlein: The Number of the Beast; John Varley: Wizard; M. John Harrison: A Storm of Wings
   Books  1981 JAN  br  Norman Spinrad: Songs from the Stars; Tom Reamy: San Diego Lightfoot Sue and Other Stories; Alfred Bester: Golem-100; Frank N. Magill(ed): Survey of Science Fiction Literature; Roger Zelazny: Changeling
   Books  1981 MAR  br  essay: George O. Smith & the Golden Age of SF; Smith: The Complete Venus Equilateral; Asimov & Greenberg(ed): The Great SF Stories: 4; Hal Clement: The Nitrogen Fix; Asimov, Greenberg & Olander(ed): Microcosmic Tales, & 100 Great S. F. Short Stories
   Books  1981 JUN  br  Gene Wolfe: The Claw of the Conciliator; Walter S. Tevis: Far from Home; Harlan Ellison: Shatterday; Ed Naha: The Science Fictionary
   Books  1981 AUG  br  Charles Platt: Dream Makers; Philip K. Dick: Valis; Damon Knight: The World and Thorinn; Frederik Pohl: The Cool War; Joe Haldeman: Worlds; Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): The Human Zero: The Science Fiction Stories of Erle Stanley Gardner
   Books  1981 OCT  br  essay: long essay on Fandom, & on Fandom traditions in novels; Julian May: The Many-Colored Land(May is active in sf fandom); this essay, in anth. The Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: 24th Series, is titled Books: The Secret Language of Science Fiction
   Books  1981 NOV  br  Frank Herbert: God Emperor of Dune; David Graham: Down to a Sunless Sea; Roland Green: Wandor's Flight; Ben Bova: Voyagers
   Books  1982 APR  br  essay: discussion of semantics, distinctions between fantasy, science fiction, & speculative fiction; Gene Wolfe: The Sword of the Lictor; Ferman & Greenberg(ed): Facsimile of the April 1965 Issue, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
   Books  1982 MAY  br  Clarke & Proctor(ed): The S. F. Hall of Fame III; Roger Zelazny: Madwand; Robin McKinley: Beauty; George R.R. Martin: Sandkings; Michael Shaara: Soldier Boy; Noted - Manly Wade Wellman: The Lost and the Lurking(3rd Silver John novel)
   Books  1982 JUL  br  essay: the abilities of copyeditors & proofreaders, the errors found in pub. books, now & in 1950s; C.M. Kornbluth: Not This August; Elizabeth A. Lynn: The Sardonyx Net; C.J. Cherryh: The Pride of Chanur
   Books  1982 AUG  br  essay: inspiration & wit in SF; Robert Silverberg(ed): The Best of Randall Garrett; Frederik Pohl: Planets Three; Keith Laumer: Star Colony; Alan Dean Foster: The Thing; Greg Bear: Strength of Stones; mentions Budrys' Law: 10% of everything is not crap
   Books  1982 SEP  br  Samuel R. Delany: The Einstein Intersection; Clifford D. Simak: Special Deliverance; Allyn Thompson: The Azriel Uprising; Pamela Sargent: The Golden Space(fixup novel, which incl. "The Summer Dust" pub. in F&SF 1981 JUL)
   Books  1982 OCT  br  essay: a comprehensive history & rise of sf needs to be done, & soon; Barry N. Malzberg: The Engines of the Night(coll. of essays explaining his disenchantment with the sf field - Clute)
   Books  1982 NOV  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Friday; Frederik Pohl: Starburst(developed from his novella "The Gold at Starbow's End" in ANA 1972 MAR, which W-1973 LOC & N-1972 NEB, 1973 HUG); Annette McComas: The Eureka Years(excerpted in F&SF 1982 JUN)
   Books  1983 JAN  br  essay: long & unflattering essay on the Science Fiction Research Assoc.(SFRA), & SF-related careers in academe; George E. Slusser, Eric S. Rabkin, & Robert Scholes(ed): Bridges to Fantasy
   Books  1983 FEB  br  essay: the economics or money side of King's collection of 4 novellas; Stephen King: Different Seasons; George R.R. Martin: Fevre Dream; Boris & Arkady Strugatsky: Roadside Picnic
   Books  1983 MAR  br  essay: two kinds of story ideas, 'closed' ideas & 'open' ideas(by introduction of cross-threads, where "any # of plots might be hung"); L. Ron Hubbard: Battlefield Earth; Arthur C. Clarke: 2010: Odyssey Two; Isaac Asimov: Foundation's Edge
   Books  1983 APR  br  essay: long essay on Gene Wolfe; Gene Wolfe: The Citadel of the Autarch; Kevin Hancer: Paperback Price Guide #2; Jay Kennedy: The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide
   Books  1983 MAY  br  Mike Resnick: Sideshow; Lee Harding: Misplaced Persons; Lawrence Sanders: The Tomorrow File; Mervyn Peake:Titus Groan, & Gormenghast, & Titus Alone(a trilogy)
   Books  1983 JUN  br  essay: "the re-emergence of horror writing as a powerful genre," & its connection with sf & fantasy; Peter Straub: Floating Dragon; Dean Ing: Pulling Through; Harlan Ellison: Stalking the Nightmare
   Books  1983 JUL  br  Greg Benford: Against Infinity; Greg Bear: The Wind from a Burning Woman; Edward Bryant: Cinnabar; M. John Harrison: The Floating Gods
   Books  1983 AUG  br  essay: R.F. Nelson & his story "Turn Off the Sky," pub. in F&SF 1963 AUG; Ray Faraday Nelson: The Prometheus Man; Fred Saberhagen: The First Book of Swords; L.T. Stuart: The House of the Lions; Stephen King: Christine
   Books  1983 SEP  br  essays: long essay on Poul Anderson & Jack Vance; Poul Anderson: Twilight World, & Orion Shall Rise; Jack Vance: Lyonesse
   Books  1983 OCT  br  essay: paperback originals market created Philip K. Dick's career; Rucker: The 57th Franz Kafka; R.A. MacAvoy: Tea with the Black Dragon; Zoë Fairbairns: Benefits; Varley: Millennium; David Drake: Skyripper; Robert Wilfred Franson: The Shadow of the Ship
   Books  1983 NOV  br  essay: what constitutes sf, fantasy; Marta Randall: The Sword of Winter; R.A. Lafferty: Four Stories; Charles Platt: Dream Makers, Vol. II; Robert Siverberg & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): The Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction Masterpieces
   Books  1984 JAN  br  essay: books by small retailers, giant wholesalers, book clubs; Wolfe: The Castle of the Otter; Salmonson(ed): Tales by Midnight; Budrys: Nonliterary Influences on S.F.; Dick Allen: S.F.: The Future; Zamyatin: We; Reamy: San Diego Lightfoot Sue; 1 more
   Books  1984 FEB  br  essay: early sf, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, & his book-publishing company, Fantasy Press; Lloyd Arthur Eshbach: Over My Shoulder, Reflections on a Science Fiction Era. The Autobiography of Lloyd Arthur Eshbach(introduction in book is by Budrys)
   Books  1984 MAR  br  essay: the "heart of fantasy"; George R.R. Martin: The Armageddon Rag; Joe Haldeman: Worlds Apart; Sterling E. Lanier: Menace Under Marswood; Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson: Hoka!; Mike Ashley: The Illustrated Book of Science Fiction Lists
   Books  1984 APR  br  essay: what makes for a successful story; Christopher Rowley: The War Against Eternity; Barrington J. Bayley: The Zen Gun; Fred Saberhagen: The Second Book of Swords; Jack Vance: Cugel's Saga(stories pub. in F&SF); Tim Powers: The Anubis Gates
   Books  1984 MAY  br  essay: something good happening in sf; Joy Chant: The High Kings, Arthur's Celtic Ancestors; Kim Stanley Robinson: The Wild Shore; Damon Knight: The Man in the Tree
   Books  1984 JUN  br  Frank N. Magill(ed): Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature; Paul A. Carter: Another Part of the Fifties; L. Sprague & Catherine de Camp, & Jane Whittington: Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E. Howard; Joe Haldeman(ed): Nebula Award Stories Seventeen
   Books  1984 JUL  br  essay: on Lucius Shepard, how he survived despite the publishers; Lucius Shepard: Green Eyes; David Brin: The Practice Effect
   Books  1984 AUG  br  Michael Shea: Nifft the Lean; Octavia E. Butler: Clay's Ark; George Zebrowski(ser. ed): The Classics of Modern Science Fiction Ser. - Eric Frank Russell: Mens, Martians and Machines; James Gunn: The Joy Makers; Chad Oliver: The Shores of Another Sea
   Books  1984 SEP  br  Larry Niven: The Integral Trees; Ardath Mayhar: Exile on Vlahil; Michael Shaara: The Herald
   Books  1984 OCT  br  Allen Andrews: The Pig Plantagenet; Joan D. Vinge: World's End; J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbitt
   Books  1984 NOV  br  essay: the ABA convention, Frank Herbert & Theodore Sturgeon; Dr. Willis E. McNelly: The Dune Encyclopedia; John Stanley: The Creature Features Movie Guide; Theodore Sturgeon: The Stars Are the Styx; Meredith Ann Pierce: The Darkangel
   Books  1984 DEC  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Job: A Comedy of Justice; Frederik Pohl: Heechee Rendezvous; John Varley: Demon
   Books  1985 JAN  br  Irving Wallace: The Miracle; J.P. Miller: The Skook; Lawrence Sanders: The Passion of Molly T.
   Books  1985 FEB  br  Charles L. Harness: The Paradox Men; Allen Andrews: Castle Crespin; Alan Lee: Castles; & various mentions in passing
   Books  1985 MAR  br  essay: salute to STF of the 1920s-40s; Frederik Pohl: The Years of the City(parts in F&SF 1984 JUL, SEP); Knight(ed): The Clarion Awards; Per Wahlöö: Murder on the Thirty-First Floor; David R. Palmer: Emergence; Stephen King & Peter Straub: The Talisman
   Books  1985 APR  br  David A. Hartwell: Age of Wonders; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future; Jack Williamson: Wonder's Child; Budrys edited the anth. Writers of the Future series, volumes I(1985)-VIII(1992), XV(1999)

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