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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Henderson, Zenna  Believing Child, The  1970 JUN  ss 
   Through a Glass—Darkly  1970 OCT  nv 
   That Boy  1971 NOV  nv  14th story The People series, chrono. story #5
   Thrumthing and Out  1972 OCT  nv 
   Katie-Mary's Trip  1975 JAN  ss  15th story The People series, chrono. story #17(or last story chronologically)
   First Stroke, The  1977 OCT  ss 
   Ararat  1979 OCT  nv  1st pub. in F&SF 1952 OCT, the 1st story in The People series, which may be the most popular & longest running series in F&SF; see interview in Paul Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978)
   Tell Us a Story  1980 OCT  nv  N-1981 LOC, novella; 16th & last story The People series, chrono. story #4; this series coll., with the addition of one more final & prev. unpub. story, "Michal Without" - chrono. #12, in Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson(1995)
Henexson, Glen  Wish for the Moon  1954 DEC  ss 
Henneberg, Charles  Blind Pilot, The  1960 JAN  ss  (1899-1959; 1917-1977) 1st pub. in Fiction(F&SF's French edition), in 1959; 1st & only story in F&SF in their Dossier on Galactic-Interracial Relations ser.; trans. by Damon Knight; collab. ps. for husband & wife Charles & Nathalie Henneberg
   Non-Humans, The  1960 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Fiction, in 1958; 1st & only story in F&SF from their historical fiction ser., this one of Florence in the year 1490; trans. by Damon Knight; they have fantasy novel The Green Gods(1961; trans. by C.J. Cherryh, 1980), on the greenhouse effect
   Moon Fishers  1962 APR  nv  trans. from the French by Damon Knight; Charles full name is Charles Henneberg zu Irmelshausen Wasungen; they met while he was in the French Foreign Legion based at Homs, Syria, & she was a Russian journalist; he died in March, 1959
Hensley, Joe L.  Argent Blood  1967 AUG  ss  (1926- ) wn. for Joseph Louis Hensley; also in F&SF with Alexei Panshin under collab. ps. Louis J.A. Adams(#2120); 1st story pub. sf "Eyes of the Double Moon" in PLS 1953 MAY; has been a private attorney, county prosecutor, one-term Indiana legislator
   Run From Home, The  1970 DEC  ss  Indiana Judicial Circuit Court judge 1975-88; most of his novels are about law & those involved in it; 1st pub. book The Color of Hate(1960; rev. vt Color Him Guilty, 1987), the story of a black ex-con accused of brutally murdering a white Southern woman
   Savant  1985 DEC  ss  has bestselling suspense novel The Poison Summer(1974); has crusading defense attorney Don Robak ser., Deliver Us to Evil(1971), Legislative Body(1972), Song of Corpus Juris(1974), A Killing in Gold(1978), Minor Murders(1979), Outcasts(1981)
   Alvin's Witch  1991 SEP  ss  "the death of a child"; other novels in Don Robak mys. ser., Robak's Cross(1985), Robak's Fire(1986), Robak's Firm(1987 coll.), Robak's Run(1990), Robak's Witch(1997); mys. Grim City(1994); mys. with Guy M. Townsend, Loose Coins(1998)
Herbert, Frank  Murder Will In  1970 MAY  nv  (1920-1986) 2nd/last story in Afterlife of Bailey ser.; see Poul Anderson's story in ser., 1970 MAR(#2878); born in Tacoma, educated at Univ. of Washington; 1st story pub. sf "Looking for Something" in STS 1952 APR; has Dune novels, see
Heriot, C.D.  Poltergeist  1961 MAY  ss  (1905-1972) 1st pub. in Winter's Tales 3(1957)
Hershman, Morris  Happy Traitor, The  1953 JUN  vi  (1920- ) has sf novel Shareworld(1972; vt The Crash of 2086, 1976); writes mys. stories & novels under ps. Evelyn Bond, Arnold English, Norman Hunt, Sam Victor; romance under ps. Bond, Ian Kavanaugh, Sara Roffman, Janet Templeton, Lionel Webb, etc.
Herzog, Tom  Investigating the Curiosity Drive  1968 NOV  ss  has short story "The Plot" in Rogue, in 1965, reprinted in Judith Merril(ed): The 11th Annual of the Year's Best S-F(1966)
Hewison, R.J.P.  Genius  1954 DEC  pm  (1909- ) Robert John Petrie Hewison
Hickey, H.B.  Hilda  1952 SEP  ss  (1916- ) ps. for Herb Livingston; has pub. at least 7 short stories in the pulps mags. Mammoth Mystery, Mammoth Adventure, & Mammoth Western betw. 1946 JUN-1949 DEC
Hightower, Lynn S.  Rose Elf, The  1991 MAR  ss  (1956- ) born in Chattanooga, TN; lives in Lexington, KY; has 1977 BA in journalism from Univ. of Kentucky; after taking creative writing courses at the Univ. of Kentucky, she first wrote TV commercialsf; now a fulltime writer
   Journal of the First Voyage  1991 SEP  ss  has futuristic police ser. w. homicide detective David Silver & alien partner, Alien Blues(1992), Alien Eyes(1993, Alien Heat(1994), Alien Rites(1995); mys. novel Satan's Lambs(1993; W-Shamus), introducing Lexington, KY, private investigator Lena Padget
   Point Man  1993 SEP  ss  has homicide detective Sonora Blair mystery series, novels Flashpoint(1995), Eyeshot(1995), No Good Deed(1998), & The Debt Collector(1999, U.K.; 2000, U.S.; N-2001 EDG); crime novel Borderline(2001 U.K.), about an evil South Carolina family
Hill, Hal  Quicksilver Day  1984 JUL  ss  (1949?- ) lives in California; has had stories pub. in TWZ & AMZ; has novel Country Harvest(1967); has several nf books on Southeast Asian & Australian politics & economics, incl. Australia-Philippine Economic Relations(1984)
   Fear of Flying  1985 DEC  ss  has nf books Foreign Investment & Industrialization in Indonesia(1988), Indonesia's New Order(1994)
Hill, Hyacinthe  Inquest in Kansas (A Modern American Ballad)  1962 OCT  pm  (1920- ) 1st pub. in Necromantikon, 1950 WIN; ps. for Virginia Anderson(who also used the ps. Nanek); has coll. of verse, Peotry and the Stars(1986)
Hiller, Neil W.  Peace Feelers  1986 MAR  ss  former Marine Corps officer; self-employed as reinsurance consultant; has co-written children's books with his wife, Barbara B. Hiller, one being a time travel story, On the Far Side of the Mirror(1986)
   First I Came to Los Angeles  1986 AUG  ss  has novella Spacecamp(1986), with his wife Barbara B. Hiller, a juvenile adaptation/novelization of the movie script of SpaceCamp(1986), which stars Kate Capshaw
   Orphan, The  1987 MAY  ss  has novel Big!(1988), with his wife Barbara B. Hiller, a movie novelization of Big(1988), which stars Tom Hanks & Elizabeth Perkins
Hochstein, Rolaine  Neighbors  1985 JUL  ss  lives in NJ, recipient of the 1985 NJ State Council on the Arts Fellowship; has nf books w. Dr. Daniel A. Sugarman, The Seventeen Guide to Knowing Yourself(1967), & ... to You and Other People(1968); novels Stepping Out(1977), Table 47(1983)
Hodgins, Roderic C.  History of Doctor Frost, The  1965 APR  ss  a psychological counselor at Harvard, has an AB in math from Harvard
Hodgson, Pamela D.  Canterbury Path, The  1995 AUG  ss  N-1996 HUG, short story; attended 1992 Clarion; has pub. in AMZ, & in the anth. Esther M. Friesner & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Blood Muse(1995), & Robert Weinberg, etal(ed): 100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories(1995), & 100 Vicious Little Witch Stories(1995)
Hoetker, James  Sorcerese  1979 FEB  vi  his 1st fiction sale; Prof. of English Education at Florida State Univ.
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki  God Rest Ye Merry, Gentle Ghosts  1993 JAN  ss  (1955- ) born in San Gabriel, CA; grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, & attended S.B. City College; moved to Moscow, ID, in 1977; has BA in English from Univ. of Idaho; now lives in Eugene, OR; attended 1982 Clarion; part of Pulphouse Pub. group & workshop
   Skeleton Key, The  1993 AUG  na  N-1994 NEB, novelette; HUG, novella; 13-year old Tess & her friend Sasha make a pact with Hermes, who comes to Tess' rescue, but not in the way she expects; has issue WRT 1993 SPR devoted to her work, & which incl. an interview with her
   Haunted Humans  1994 JUL  na  N-1994 HOM, NEB; 1995 HUG, LOC, novella; story set in her mythical Oregon town of Spores Ferry(modeled on her hometown of Eugene), about a man who attracts & is haunted by ghosts of people who suffered viloent deaths, aids a woman a serial killer is after
   Home for Christmas  1995 JAN  nv  N-1995 HOM, NEB, nv; 1996 STU; WFA, na; 1st story in F&SF in Matilda 'Matt' Black ser.; many of her stories are linked, with many of the characters & families in her stories related to each other; Matt is also in her novella, The Unmasking(1992)
   For Richer, for Stranger  1995 JUN  ss  has 1st stories pub. "A Night Out" in Jessica Amanda Salmonson(ed): Tales by Moonlight(1983) & "Petrified" in ASI 1983 JUL; has 1st book, coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 14: Legacy of Fire(1990); currently(2002) copyedits & typesets for F&SF
   But Now Am Found  1995 OCT/NOV  ss  has coll. Courting Disasters and Other Strange Affinities(1991; N-1992 LOC); has novella with Tad Williams, Child of an Ancient City(nv in WRT 1988 FLL by T.W.; exp. 1992 with Hoffman), see T.W.'s website about their collab. effort,
   Here We Come A-Wandering  1996 JAN  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Matilda 'Matt' Black series, later expanded into novel A Red Heart of Memories(1999; N-1999 WFA; 2000 LOC); Matt is a woman with the uncanny ability to communicate with inanimate objects; sequel Past the Size of Dreaming(2001)
   Key Signatures  1996 APR  ss  has 1st novel The Thread That Binds the Bones(1993; W-1994 STO; N-1993 NEB; 1994 HUG, LOC), about the conflict & change in a family with great supernatural powers who have held a small town in their power for over a century(B&C)
   Airborn  1996 MAY  na  N-1996 HOM; 1997 HUG; 1st story in F&SF in twins Tasha and Terry Dane ser.; they're also in Matt Black ser. novel Past the Size of Dreaming(2001); omnibus Common Threads(1995), has novel The Thread That Binds the Bones, & coll. A Handful of Twist Ties
   Manna  1997 APR  ss  3rd story of 3 in this issue inspired by this issue's cover art by Barclay Shaw, this story being horror; ; has column "Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures" in PLP: A Fiction Magzine, 1991-1992; see interviews in WRT 1993 SPR & in LOC 1994 OCT(#405)
   World Within, The  1997 SEP  ss  has fantasy novel The Silent Strength of Stones(1995; N-1996 LOC, NEB, WFA), about a boy who spies on members of his family, one of them a werewolf, one with power to control or "own" other people, & his resistance to the latter's talent(B&C, Clute)
   Gone to Heaven Shouting  1998 JAN  nv  has novels in ya ser., R.L. Stine's Fear Street #14: Invasion of the Body Switchers(1997), #23: Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts(1997), #30: I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie(1998); novel w. Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith, Star Trek Voyager: Echoes(1997)
   Sweet Nothings  1998 AUG  ss  has fantasy novel A Red Heart of Memories(1999), in Matt Black series, in which she convinces a young wandering witch, Edmund Reynolds, to return to his hometown to face his past(B&C); see entry in CA, vol.166, p.151-153; Hoffman is on F&SF's staff
   Salvage Efforts  1999 AUG  ss  has fantasy novel in Matt Black ser., Past the Size of Dreaming(2001), sequel to A Red Heart of Memories(1999), in which Matt helps fellow wandering witch Edmund Reynolds seek out his his long-scattered friends, some of whom have magic powers of their own
Hogan, James P.  Neander-Tale  1980 DEC  ss  (1941- ) born in Britain, living in Ireland since 1987; has 1st novel, in Giants ser., Inherit the Stars(1977), The Gentle Giants of Ganymede(1978), Giants' Star(1981), Entoverse(1991); coll. Minds, Machines & Evolution(1988); novel Bug Park(1997)

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