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Killheffer, Robert K.J.  Books  1999 JUN  br  essay: sf adventure stories in the "grand tradition"; Gardner Dozois(ed): The Good Old Stuff, & The Good New Stuff; Vernor Vinge: A Deepness in the Sky
   Books  1999 OCT/NOV  br  Ray Kurzweil: The Age of Spiritual Machines; Hans Moravec: Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind; Arthur C. Clarke: Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds!
Killough, Lee  Siren Garden, The  1974 MAR  ss  (1942- ) 1st story in her artist colony Aventine series; working name for Karen Lee Killough; Chief Technologist at Dept. of Radiology, Kansas State Univ. Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital; 1st story pub. as "Caveat Emptor" in ASF 1970 MAY
   Tropic of Eden  1977 AUG  ss  2nd story in her artist colony Aventine series; series set in an artist's colony in a decadent future, the colony resembles that depicted in J.G. Ballard's Vermilion Sands series, to which it was perhaps written as an homage(Clute)
   House Divided, A  1978 JUN  ss  3rd story in her artist colony Aventine series; Killough lives in Manhattan, KS; see her essay on her life as a female sf writer in Denise Du Pont(ed): Women of Vision: Essays by Women Writing Science Fiction(1988)
   Broken Stairways, Walls of Time  1979 MAR  ss  4th story in her artist colony Aventine series; has 1st novel A Voice Out of Ramah(1979), set on a planet where 90% of the males are ritually slaughtered at puberty(Clute)
   Achronos  1980 MAR  ss  has novels The Monitor, the Miners, and the Shree(1980), which deals with the issue of human exploitation of alien planets(Clute), & Deadly Silents(1981), Liberty's World(1985)
   Ménage Outré  1981 FEB  ss  5th & last story in her artist colony Aventine series; series coll. in Aventine(1982)
   Taaehalaan Is Drowning  1981 AUG  ss  has Janna Brill and Mama Maxwell police procedurals seq., The Doppelgänger Gambit(1979), Spider Play(1986), & Dragon's Teeth(1990), set in a U.S.A. that must be wary of computers(Clute); see obit of her husband Pat in LOC 1994 DEC(#407)
   Existential Man, The  1982 MAR  nv  has novels Blood Hunt(1987), & sequel Bloodlinks(1988), which are police procedural fantasies dealing with vampires; novel The Leopard's Daughter(1987), is a fantasy set in Africa(Clute)
Kilworth, Garry  Lord of the Dance  1980 NOV  ss  (1941- ) Garry Douglas Kilworth; born in York, England, raised in South Arabia(Aden); now lives in Shoeburyness, village in SE England; see website, that lists his novels, children's books, ss's, ps., awards & links
   Almost Heaven  1982 FEB  ss  has 1st story pub. sf "Let's Go to Golgotha!" in the Gollancz/Sunday Times Best SF Stories(1975); 1st pub. sf novel, In Solitary(1977), set in a world where the few humans left are dominated by birdlike aliens(Clute); The Night of Kadar(1978)
   Blind Windows  1982 JUL  nv  N-1983 LOC, novelette; has novels Split Second(1979), Gemini God(1981), A Theatre of Timesmiths(1984), Witchwater Country(1986), Spiral Winds(1987); novels as Garry Douglas, Highlander(1986), a film novelization, & horror novel The Street(1988)
   Hobblythick Lane  1986 JUL  ss  has colls. The Songbirds of Pain(1984), Trivial Tales(1988), In the Hollow of the Deep(1989), Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks(1990), Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands(1993; N-1994 WFA), In the Country of Tatooed Men(1993); novel The Wizard of Woodworld(1987)
   Ifurin and the Fat Man  1989 MAR  ss  has novels Abandonati(1988), Cloudrock(1988), The Voyage of the Vigilance(1988), Hunter's Moon(1989), Midnight Sun(1990), The Rain Ghost(1990), The Drowners(1992), Frost Dancers(1992), Standing on Shamsan(1992), The Electric Kid(1994), Cybercats(1996)
   Bowmen in the Mist  1989 JUN  ss  has novels The Phantom Piper(1994), The Brontë Girls(1995), House of Tribes(1995), A Midsummer's Nightmare(1996), The Raiders(1996), The Roof of Voyaging(1996), Princely Flower(1997), Land-of-Mists(1998), Shadow Hawk(1998); interview in INZ 1992 AUG
Kimbriel, Katharine Eliska  Triad  1991 AUG  nv  (1956- ) 1st/only story in F&SF, pioneer clairvoyant Alfreda Sorensson ser.; novels in ser., Night Calls("Triad," etal; exp. 1996), Kindred Rites(1997); 1st novel sf, Nuala seq., Fire Sanctuary(1986), Fires of Nuala(1988), Hidden Fires(1991); N-1987 JWCA
King, C. Daly PhD  Dianetics: Book Review, A  1950 DEC  br  (1895-1963) per F&SF, a psychologist & author of psychology books & articles; see comments #82 for question of authorship of "The Episode of the Perilous Talisman"
King, Stephen  Night of the Tiger, The  1978 FEB  ss  (1947- ) lives in Lovell, Maine; 1st story pub. sf "The Glass Floor" in Startling Mystery Stories, 1967 FLL(reprt WRT 1990 FLL); most early short sf pub. in Cavalier, coll. in Night Shift(1978; W-1980 BRG); see his website at
   Gunslinger, The  1978 OCT  nv  N-1979 LOC, nv; 1st story in Dark Tower ser.; Roland's search for The Man in Black, "& his quest for the Tower, which stands at the root of time"; has 1st novel Carrie(1974; N-1977 HUG; 1976, 2002 movies), Salem's Lot(1975; N-1976 WFA; 1979 TV movie)
   Way Station, The  1980 APR  nv  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC, nv; 2nd story in Dark Tower ser.; part of fixup novel The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger(1982); other novels in ser., The Drawing of the Three(1987; N-1988 LOC), The Waste Lands(1991; N-1992 LOC, STO), Wizard and Glass(1997; N-1998 LOC)
   Oracle and the Mountains, The  1981 FEB  nv  3rd story Dark Tower ser.; novels The Shining(1977; N-1978 GAN, LOC; 1980 movie; 1997 TV mini ser.), The Stand(1978; N-1979 BRG, GAN, LOC; 1994 TV mini ser.), The Dead Zone('79; N-'80 BRG, LOC, WFA; '83, 2002 movies); nf Danse Macabre('81; W-'82 HUG, LOC)
   Slow Mutants, The  1981 JUL  nv  4th story in Dark Tower ser.; has novels as by Richard Bachman, Rage(1977), The Long Walk(1979), Roadwork(1981), The Running Man(1982; 1987 movie), Thinner(1984; 1996 movie); Firestarter(1980; N-1981 BFA, BRG, LOC; 1984, 2001 movies)
   Gunslinger and the Dark Man, The  1981 NOV  ss  5th story in Dark Tower ser.; has novels Cujo(1981; W-1982 BFA; N-BRG, LOC; 1983 movie), Christine(1983; N-1984 LOC; 1983 movie), Pet Sematary(1983; N-1984 LOC, WFA; 1989 movie); w. Peter Straub, The Talisman(1984; N-1985 LOC, WFA)
   Ballad of the Flexible Bullet, The  1984 JUN  na  N-1985 LOC, WFA; about relationship betw. a writer & an editor & the supernatural forces that unite them; pub. in his coll. Skeleton Crew(1985; W-1986 LOC); novels It(1986; W-1987 BFA; N-LOC, WFA; 1990 movie), Misery(1987; W-1988 STO; N-WFA; 1990 movie)
   Moving Finger, The  1990 DEC  nv  has coll. of 4 na's Different Seasons(1982; N-1983 LOC, WFA) made into movies Stand by Me(1986), The Shawshank Redemption(1994), Apt Pupil(1998); colls. Four Part Midnight(1990; W-1991 STO; N-LOC), Nightmares & Dreamscapes(1993; N-1994 LOC, STO)
   Author's Note  1990 DEC  in  introduction to his story "The Bear," & a summary of the Dark Tower trilogy, which incl. The Gunslinger(1982), The Drawing of the Three(1987), & the upcoming The Waste Lands(1991); has novels The Tommyknockers(1987; N-1988 LOC; 1993 movie)
   Bear, The  1990 DEC  nv  6th & last story in Dark Tower series, this story to be the 1st section of the 3rd novel of the trilogy, The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands(1991); has novels The Dark Half(1989; N-1990 LOC; 1993 movie), Needful Things(1991; N-1992 LOC, STO; 1993 movie)
   Everything's Eventual  1997 OCT/NOV  na  N-1998 LOC, STO; has novels Dolores Claiborne(1992; N-1993 LOC; 1994 movie), Gerald's Game(1992), Insomnia(1994; N-'95 LOC, STO), Rose Madder('95; N-'96 LOC; '98 movie), The Green Mile('96 serial; '97; '99 movie); coll. Hearts in Atlantis('99; 2001 movie)
Kipling, Rudyard  Tomlinson  1966 MAR  pm  (1865-1936) 1st pub. in The National Observer, 23 JAN 1893; U.K. poet & writer, won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907; has colls. The Jungle Book(1894), Rewards and Faeries(1910), The Complete Supernatural Stories of ...(1987), novel Kim(1901)
Kirk, Russell  What Shadows We Pursue  1953 JAN  ss  (1918-1994) on the faculty of Michigan State College, which he plans to leave; well-known writer on conservative thought & educational theory; has nf books The Conservative Mind(1953), The Portable Conservative Reader(1982)
   Sorworth Place  1962 NOV  nv  (1918-1994) 1st pub. in London Mystery #14, in 1952, as "Old Place of Sorworth"; 1st story in F&SF from his Ralph Bain series; story to be in his coll. of ghost stories The Surly Sullen Bell(1962)
   Behind the Stumps  1962 DEC  ss  1st pub. in London Mystery #4, in 1950, & in coll. The Surly Sullen Bell(1962); has Doctorate of Letters from St. Andrews Univ.(Scotland), lives in Mecosta, MI; has many books on political science & literature
   Balgrummo's Hell  1967 JUL  ss  has horror novels Old House of Fear(1961), A Creature of the Twilight(1966); biographies, John Randolph of Roanoke(1964), Edmund Burke(1967); book of essays Enemies of Permanent Things(1969); nf book The Roots of American Order(1974)
   Saviourgate  1976 NOV  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in his Ralph Bain series; his novella "There's a Long, Long Trail A-Winding" in Kirby McCauley(ed): Frights(1976), W-1977 WFA
   Fate's Purse  1979 MAY  ss  has book The Sword of the Imagination: A Memoir(1995); see book, Russell Kirk: The Conservative Mind(1994)
   Invasion of the Church of the Holy Ghost, The  1983 DEC  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; to be pub. in his coll. Watchers at the Strait Gate(1984); see obits in Ghosts & Scholars #18 1994, & in LOC 1994 JUN(#401); articles in Ghosts & Scholars #20 1995, & in All Hallows #14 1997
Kirs, Alex  Better Than Ever  1965 MAR  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; lives in NYC; also has short stories "Man Overboard" in SFA 1958 JAN, & "The Scuffle" in Escapade 1961 AUG
Kittredge, Mary  Her House in Order  1997 JUL  ss  (1949- ) has 2 mys. ser., freelance writer Charlotte Kent ser. Murder in Mendocino(1987), Dead and Gone('89), Poison Pen('90); RN Edwina Crusoe ser., Fatal Diagnosis('90), Cadaver('92),Kill or Cure('95); has mys. The Dead Cat Bounce('98) as Sarah Graves
Klavan, Andrew  Woman in the Wood, The  1988 MAY  pm  (1954- ) has 1st novel Face of the Earth(1980); has NYC reporter John Wells ser. incl. The Scarred Man(1990; W-EDG) as by Keith Peterson; as Klavan, Don't Say a Word(1991; N-1992 EDG; 2001 movie), True Crime(1995; 1999 movie), The Uncanny(1998)
Klein, Gérard  Monster in the Park, The  1961 SEP  ss  (1937- ) 1st pub. in the French edition of F&SF; trans. by Virginia Kidd; soldier in Algeria, has pub. in France, this is his 1st story pub. in the U.S.
Knarr, Emilie H.  Carne Vale  1953 FEB  vi  1st pub. story
Kneale, Nigel  Peg (Legends of War ... and Women: I)  1954 OCT  ss  (1922- ) 1st pub. in his coll. Tomato Cain(1949); working name for Thomas Nigel Kneale, U.K. author & screenwriter; scripted Quatermass serials for BBC-TV (1953-68)
Knight, Damon  Not With a Bang  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1922-2002) born in Baker, OR; moved to NYC in early 1940s; longtime resident of Eugene, OR; member of the Futurians(NYC sf fan club); 1st sale a cartoon to AMZ; 1st story pub. "Resilience" in STI 1941 FEB; has book on early fandom, The Futurians(1977)
   You're Another  1955 JUN  nv  his 1st impact in sf field was as book reviewer, incl. in F&SF & in INF(Clute); early reviews coll. in In Search of Wonder(1956; W-1956 HUG; rev. 1967); coll. incl. essay on Judith Merril's The Tomorrow People(1960), see F&SF 1960 SEP br
   Country of the Kind, The  1956 FEB  ss  has short story "To Serve Man" in GAL 1950 NOV, was made into a famous 1962 episode (#89) of TV series, The Twilight Zone; 1st novel Hell's Pavement(ASF 1952 JAN as "The Analogues"; exp. 1955 fixup; vt Analogue Men, 1962)
   Stranger Station  1956 DEC  nv  also in F&SF with author H. Ken Bulmer; Knight was asst. editor at Popular Pub. in 1943, editor of WBY(1950-1951), IFS(1958-1959); along with Robert Sheckley, Philip Latham & C.M. Kornbluth, Knight wrote scripts in early 1950s for TV series Captain Video
   A for Anything  1957 NOV  nv  has novels Masters of Evolution(GAL 1954 JAN as "Natural State"; exp. 1959 chap), The People Maker(1959; rev. vt A For Anything, 1961 UK), The Sun Saboteurs(IFS 1955 JAN as "The Earth Quarter"; exp. 1961)
   Eripmav  1958 JUN  vi  has colls. Far Out(1961), In Deep(1963), Off Center(1965), Turning On(1966); novels The Rithian Terror(STS 1953 JAN as "Double Meaning"; exp. 1965), Mind Switch(1965); edited Orbit ser. anth., Orbit 1-21(1966-1980), Best Stories from Orbit(1975)
   Night of Lies, The  1958 OCT  ss  co-founded, with James Blish & Judith Merril, the Milford Science Fiction Writers' Conference, in 1956, which he ran with his wife Kate Wilhelm for 20 years in their home in Milford, NJ; later helped found Clarion's SF Writers' Workshop, in 1968

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