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Speaking of awards, the deadline for the 2008 Hugo Awards nominations is March 1. You must be an attending or supporting member of this year’s Worldcon, or have been an attending or supporting member of last year’s, to nominate. You still have time to mail in a paper ballot (which is handy in case you can’t find your membership number and/or PIN), or you can vote online.

The 38th annual Locus Awards ballot is also online. Voting is open to all. Deadline for is April 15.

Go and vote for your favorite F&SF titles!

Final Nebula Awards Ballot

This year’s final Nebula Awards ballot has been released. Congrats to all of the F&SF authors who made the cut:

Gordon posted the full ballot over on the forum.

Free Fiction Friday: Matthew Hughes

The other day, I linked to some of the free fiction here on the F&SF website. Well, it occurred to me that there’s lots of other free fiction on the net elsewhere, much of which originally appeared in F&SF. So I’ll make an effort to post links to such pieces now and then, when I come across them.

So the first piece of fiction I wanted to direct you to is by one of our most prolific contributors of recent years: Matthew Hughes. Hughes burst onto the F&SF scene a few years ago with the publication of his story "Mastermindless," which features Old Earth’s foremost freelance discriminator, Henghis Hapthorn. Hughes went on to write several more stories about Hapthorn, and is currently writing the final book in his Henghis Hapthorn trilogy for Night Shade Books.

Hughes also wrote a series of stories about Guth Bandar, an explorer of humanity’s collective unconscious–the noosphere. The first of those stories, "A Little Learning," appears in its entirety on Hughes’s website.

F&SF LiveJournal Feed

Due to popular demand, we’ve setup a LiveJournal feed for the F&SF blog, which you’ll find at

I note that it doesn’t seem to cross-post the author of the blog posts, so if you’re only reading the LJ feed, you won’t know if it’s Gordon or I posting.

Ken Slater

Ken Slater died on Saturday. Just a couple of months ago, he invited me to the lunch celebrating his 90th birthday (but he admitted it might be a long trip for me to make for a luncheon). I only met him in person once, at the most recent Glasgow Worldcon, but he was a longtime distributor of F&SF and we corresponded regularly. I considered him a living legend. Condolences to his family.

Here’s a picture of him from 2004, hawking a batch of Chris Priest’s novels. The photo is by Peter Weston.

If anyone reading this post is interested, Ken’s funeral will be held on Thursday, Feb. 28 at a crematorium in King’s Lynn, followed by tea at a hotel in Grimston. You can contact me for more info if needed.

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