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I took a picture of the slush pile from May 3 and May 5. This pile doesn’t include all the submissions—I skimmed about half a dozen off the pile before I took this shot.


F&SF, June 2008 now on sale

The June 2008 issue is now on sale. This issue features a new story by Al Michaud, and this month’s bonus web story is Michaud’s "Clem Crowder’s Catch," which is reprinted from our July 2003 issue.

Here’s the table of contents:



  • The Art of Alchemy  – Ted Kosmatka
  • The Salting and Canning of Benevolence – Al Michaud
  • Litany – Rand B. Lee


  • Fergus  – Mary Patterson Thornburg
  • Character Flu – Robert Reed
  • Monkey See… – P.E. Cunningham


  • Books to Look For – Charles de Lint, covering The H-Bomb Girl, by Stephen Baxter; Black Magic Woman, by Justin Gustainis; Out of the Wild, by Sarah Beth Durst.
  • Musing on Books – Michelle West, covering Dust, by Elisabeth Bear; God’s Demon, by Wayne Barlowe; Mister B. Gone, by Clive Barker.
  • Coming Attractions
  • Film: A Tale of Two Turkeys (Maybe Three) – Lucius Shepard, covering Cloverfield, The Orphanage, and I Am Legend.
  • Curiosities – Paul Di Filippo, covering Return to the Future, by Diamandis Florakis (1973).


  • Arthur Masear
  • Bill Long
  • J.P. Rini


  • David Hardy for "Litany"

Fantasy art sale

The Duirwaigh Gallery is moving, so they’re auctioning off fantasy art by the likes of Amy Brown, the Frouds, and Kinuko Craft at good prices. It looks like a good opportunity to pick up some art. Take a look at

May 11th is Review Matt Hughes Day

F&SF regular Matthew Hughes a free electronic copy of his new novel Template:

Special offer for reviewers, bloggers, newsgroup posters and people who just like to talk about books in public: in May, PS Publishing will release Template, a stand-alone Archonate novel that I consider to be my best work yet (even though it was written in 2003). I will send an rtf file of the book to anyone who commits to review, blog, post or otherwise harass the world about it. Just send me an e-mail at "himself(you know what symbol goes in here)" and I’ll shoot you a copy.

James Nicoll, meanwhile, is trying to organize a review-a-thon:

I find it tremendously annoying that Hughes is not better known than he is. My cunning idea is that it might be fun if a bunch of reviewers on LJ should all agree to read and review Template on the same day. LJ doesn’t lend itself to the same kind of communal participation as rasfw but I think this could be worthwhile. Any volunteers? [Current Target Date: May 11th] I probably should have encouraged people to mention this on their blogs and livejournal accounts. Consider this said encouragement.

I also find it tremendously annoying that Hughes is not better known than he is. I read an advance copy of Template, and I have to say, it’s one of the best–if not the best–things Hughes has written to date. So please consider participating in the review-a-thon. Or just go out and order a copy!

The Ant King

I already did a Free Fiction Friday post on Benjamin Rosenbaum’s fiction, but now another of his stories is available as a free podcast from PodCastle: His F&SF debut, "The Ant King: A California Fairy Tale."

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