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LoneStarCon 2: Laurie Mann previews the World SF Convention

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July Releases: July proved to be quite a month

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Reliquary Reliquary by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
The premise is intriguing; a series of brutal murders lead to a terrifying encounter deep beneath the streets of New York City. Wayne is thankful to find himself stuck on a nice sunny freeway.

The Broken Crown Michelle West Reading List
compiled by Rodger Turner
With the release of Michelle West's latest novel, The Broken Crown, the time has come for a look at this exciting new author. A reading list of her fiction. (The Philip K. Dick reading list continues in the mid-August issue).

Future Primative Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias edited by Kim Stanley Robinson
reviewed by Thomas Myer
We sometimes forget how tough and redoubtable the planet Earth is, and how totally uncaring. Tom takes a look at an intriguing anthology that helps remind us.

The Serpent Garden The Serpent Garden by Judith Merkle-Riley
reviewed by Margo MacDonald
In this novel Margo finds a cast of interesting, fully-drawn characters headed up by a strong heroine in a story that is both compelling and complete.

Grail Grail by Stephen Lawhead
reviewed by Steven H Silver
Lawhead has quite definitely done his research into the classic tales of King Arthur and his knights. Steven found it imbued with freshness.

Past Imperative Series Review: The Great Game by Dave Duncan
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
Wayne enjoyed the series immensely. The books are each written with a slightly different style that subtly mirrors the titles. A nice touch.

The Sandman: Book of Dreams The Sandman: Book of Dreams edited by Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer
reviewed by Alex Anderson
Alex has a look at an original anthology inspired by one of the most celebrated adult comics of the decade.

Destiny Road Destiny's Road by Larry Niven
reviewed by Marc Goldstein
The book is filled with the sense of an old master hungry to prove himself to a new generation. Marc finds this enthusiasm infectious.

Audio Tape Audio Tapes
reviewed by Steven H Silver
Steven samples two tapes from Infinivox's series of complete SF stories: Ian Watson's "Slow Birds" and Geoffrey A. Landis' "A Walk in the Sun". He's impressed.

Slant June Book Releases
compiled by A. John O'Neill & Todd Ruthman
June's list totaled 107 titles. This month is a little different from last. We've split the mass-market (small format) Paperbacks from the Hard Covers and Trade (large format) Paperbacks and we've added a new section for Young Adults.

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