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website by Steven H Silver
a website by Steven H Silver
It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of contributing editor Steven Silver's 100th Review, a look at a four-author set of classic tales from NESFA books. Steven also maintains a formidable site of topical lists such as Chicago Science Fiction, Science Fiction Debuts and Baseball in Science Fiction, along with the Harry Turtledove Bibliography and the Murray Leinster Bibliography. His Book Reviews Index will allow you to browse to your heart's content.

World Fantasy Awards Nominations: is your choice on the list?
A Conversation With Ann Benson: John O'Neill profiles the author of the bestselling novel, The Plague Tales
August Releases: a look at upcoming SF, Fantasy and Horror titles released this month
LoneStarCon 2: Laurie Mann previews the events of the World SF Convention
Are there monsters below? Stephen Davis finds out in The Universe Below, a non-fiction book of sunken treasure and bizarre ocean life
A cloned Jefferson Nighthawk returns in Mike Resnick's stylish The Widowmaker Reborn
Does Days of Cain by J.R. Dunn demand to be read?
More creepy goings-on in John Bellairs' The Dark Secret of Weatherend
Author & Fan Tribute Sites: we've built 26 pages of them (plus one for Mc)
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Subtle Knife July Book Releases
compiled by John O'Neill & Todd Ruthman
An in-depth look at the 146 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror titles released last month from over thirty publishers, with links to sample chapters, reviews, author sites, and more.

Wizard of the Winds Wizard of the Winds by Allan Cole
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
Wayne is hooked by volume one of a new trilogy from the co-author of The Far Kingdoms. Now, he's trying to guess what Cole's next plot move could be.

Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick Reading List
compiled by Rodger Turner
This is the fourth installment of a ten part series putting together a reading list of Philip K. Dick's novels and short fiction.

Tenderness Tenderness by Robert Cormier
reviewed by Lucy Dechene
From the respected author of The Chocolate War comes a Young Adult thriller of a girl in love with a young serial killer. A sensitive subject indeed for a book aimed at a teenage audience. Lucy Dechene takes a closer look.

Daughter of Darkness Daughter of Darkness by Steven Spruill
reviewed by Thomas Cunningham
A doctor finds the corpse of a body drained of blood on her doorstep -- a message from a creature she'd long thought destroyed. Thomas found it a vampire novel with original trappings.

The White Tribunal The White Tribunal by Paula Volsky
reviewed by James Seidman
James was captivated. Readers of Paula Volsky's other books will find this novel to be a definite change of style.

Grail Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore
reviewed by Steven H Silver
What is the author of Practical Demonkeeping and Bloodsucking Fiends up to now? Steven Silver investigates.

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean (Illustrator)
reviewed by Margo MacDonald
Margo found this book truly charming -- the combination of Gaiman's wit and McKean's remarkable artwork.

First Novels

Plague Tales The Plague Tales by Ann Benson
reviewed by Alice Dechene
When an artifact from the 14th Century is unearthed in 21st Century London, it may mean the beginning of a terrifying new plague. A novel of science fiction from a fresh new voice.

Expendable Expendable by James Alan Gardner
reviewed by Steven MacDonald
The novel explores the volatile mixture created when a self-serving bureaucracy makes expendable people for its own ends. Steven felt Gardner was particularly good at evoking emotions.

Second Looks

Abel's Island Abel's Island by William Steig
reviewed by Lela Olszewski
A classic of children's literature -- in print for nearly two decades -- Abel's Island works on so many levels, it's no surprise it's a Newbery Medal honor book.

Titus Crow: The Clock of Dreams & Spawn of the Winds Titus Crow: The Clock of Dreams & Spawn of the Winds by Brian Lumley
reviewed by Stephen M. Davis
The Titus Crow novels mix pulp action heroes with the weird horror of H.P. Lovecraft, creating a hero who crosses paths with dread Cthulhu and comes out swinging. White-knuckle action or purple prose? Stephen Davis finds out.


The Meaning of Star Trek The Meaning of Star Trek by Thomas Richards
reviewed by Neil Walsh
A deft and entertaining look at Star Trek from a Harvard English professor? Way, says senior editor Neil Walsh.

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