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The Monster of Minnesota: What if the world really was as weird and wonderful as supermarket tabloids would have us believe? Steven Silver finds out.
Contributing editor Tom Myer takes a look at some of the recent fantasy from DAW books.
Owl Flight by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.
Elf Magic edited by Martin H. Greenberg.
October Releases: a list of the SF, Fantasy and Horror titles released last month. Compiled by Todd Ruthman.
November Releases: contributing editor Todd Ruthman goes into overdrive with a peek at the upcoming SF and Fantasy books for November.
Our Contents Page highlights reviews of Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott's The Golden Key and four books in The Fiction of Vivien Alcock.
Author & Fan Tribute Sites: we've built 26 pages of them (plus one for Mc).
What's new from the SF Site reviewers? Browse through the list to see if any of your favourites are represented.
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Cthulhu Call of Cthulhu
a survey by Wayne MacLaurin and Neil Walsh
A role-playing game set in the demon-haunted worlds of H.P. Lovecraft? Can such things be? Senior Editors Wayne MacLaurin and Neil Walsh risk their health and sanity with a peek at the forbidden tomes of gaming lore from Chaosium. Part One of two.

New Arrivals October New Arrivals
compiled by John O'Neill
New novels by Tim Powers, Frederik Pohl, Patrick O'Leary, Katharine Kerr, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter, Robert Holdstock, and Richard Grant top the list of exciting new SF and Fantasy volumes to arrive at our offices last month. We show you them all.

The World Jones Made Philip K. Dick Reading List
compiled by Rodger Turner
Eighth installment in our ten-part series assembling an exhaustive reading list of the enigmatic and wonderful Philip K. Dick's novels and short fiction.

Forever Peace Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman
reviewed by Steven H Silver
A new SF novel by the author of The Forever War is an excuse to celebrate, and Steven never misses a good party.

Irish Weirdness The Book of Irish Weirdness
reviewed by Margo MacDonald
Are the Irish truly weird? Or have the centuries of fine ghost tales simply taken their toll? Margo examines the evidence in this weightly collection of tales.

Secret Passages Secret Passages by Paul Preuss
reviewed by Kim Seidman
Kim has a hard look at a very hard science fiction mystery set in Greece -- one with only superfical trappings of SF.

Shadow Matrix The Shadow Matrix by Marion Zimmer Bradley
reviewed by Lela Jones Olszewski
Lela takes a look at our second MZB title this month, this one a new novel of Darkover.

Mind For Trade A Mind for Trade by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith
reviewed by Victoria Strauss
The sixth novel in the Solar Queen series features pirates, space storms, and strange floating lifeform whose touch brings death. Victoria Strauss investigates.

Broken Crown The Broken Crown by Michelle West
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
Michelle West's previous fantasy set, Hunter's Oath and Hunter's Death, was a favorite here at the SF Site. Wayne finds out if her newest effort measures up.

Different Place A Completely Different Place by Perry Nodelman
reviewed by Lela Jones Olszewski
Johnny Nesbit is ready for some peace and quiet after the terrifying events of The Same Place But Different. It doesn't look like he's going to get it.

The Iron Ring The Iron Ring by Lloyd Alexander
reviewed by Lucy Snyder
Lloyd Alexander's latest is an exotic fantasy set in the magical world of ancient India. Lucy finds it to be everything you'd expect from the master of Young Adult fantasy.

Gravelight Gravelight by Marion Zimmer Bradley
reviewed by Ann Benson
Novelist Ann Benson finds MZB has an unparalleled ability to write stories that make us accept things we would not ordinarily believe. We drop all our preconceived notions of what the world truly is in exchange for her sometimes wild ideas of what it might be -- if we just looked a little closer.

The Conjurer Princess The Conjurer Princess by Vivian Vande Velde
reviewed by Victoria Strauss
Novelist and Guest Reviewer Victoria Strauss felt Vande Velde's well-phrased narrative sweeps along at a swift pace, capturing the reader's interest at once and never flagging. Vande Velde works well in shades of gray: she makes it clear there are no easy solutions, nor are endings ever entirely happy.

Opalite Moon Opalite Moon by Denise Vitola
reviewed by Lela Olszewski
A police procedural in the classic form. Lela found the author was able to knit all the various elements (mystery, science fiction, and the fantastic) together into a coherent whole, for a unique and satisfying read.

Veil of Snows The Veil of Snows by Mark Helprin and Chris Van Allsburg
reviewed by Chris & Jennifer Goheen
The third handsome volume in the fantasy series that began with Swan Lake and A City in Winter arrives, just in time for the snowy season. Father-and-daughter team Chris and Jennifer take a look at this fine collaborative effort.

Second Looks

Crown A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
reviewed by Jim Seidman
In the seventh book of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic saga The Wheel of Time, Jordan proves again that he is one of the very few authors who can maintain the quality of a fantasy series this long. A Crown of Swords demonstrates the meticulous forethought and planning that make this series read like a gigantic single book.

Cobweb The Cobweb by Stephen Bury
reviewed by Alex Anderson
Another sci-political thriller from Stephen Bury, the pseudonym for Neal Stephenson and his uncle, Frederick George.

The Golem The Golem by Isaac Bashevis Singer
reviewed by Neil Walsh
From a Nobel laureate comes a powerful retelling of the legend of the clay giant who aids the Jews of Prague in their time of need. Available in paperback for the first time.

First Novels

Seraphim The Seraphim Rising by Elisabeth DeVos
reviewed by Wayne MacLaurin
What would you do if six angels descended to Earth and proclaimed Howard Stern to be God? Wayne MacLaurin has a look at a provocative debut novel of the Millennium by newcomer Elisabeth DeVos.

The Conjurer Princess A Thousand Words For Stranger by Julie E. Czerneda
reviewed by Jim Seidman
Jim finds the prose of this new writer amazingly competent, as she spins a tale of the far future -- where aliens and humans mingle on a distant planet, and the mysterious mental powers of a people known only as "The Clan" have shaped a very unique society.

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