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A Conversation With Philip José Farmer A Conversation With Philip José Farmer (1918-2009)
An interview with Dave Truesdale
The following interview took place at Minicon 10, Minneapolis, MN, April 19, 1975 -- in the hotel bar. Its first and only publication appeared in Tangent #2, May, 1975. Interviewers were Dave Truesdale, Jerry Rauth, and Paul McGuire. Some few months before this interview, Phil Farmer had written Venus on the Half-Shell as by one of Kurt Vonnegut's characters, Kilgore Trout. It was all the rage in the fan and semi-pro magazine press back then as fans and authors alike spilled a lot of ink trying to guess who Kilgore Trout really was.

Raymond E. Feist A Feisty Temperament: an interview with Raymond E. Feist
conducted by Sandy Auden
"If magicians are making loaves of bread fall from the sky to feed the troops, that's one thing. If someone's got to buy the wheat, make the flour, put it in sacks and transport it to the front, have ovens built of brick, then bake the bread for the army, that offers up an entirely different bunch of problems."

Raymond E. Feist Raymond E. Feist
An interview with Wayne MacLaurin
On writing different material:
"I'd like to do another dark fantasy. Heck, I'd like to try a quirky 'Elmore Leonard'-like character driven 'screwed up crime caper' book, or a compelling police procedure novel. Most writers I think would like to try a half-dozen things they'll never get around to."

Jonathan Fesmire A Conversation With Jonathan Fesmire
An interview with Lisa DuMond
On choosing to do a YA novel:
"When I wrote Amber In The Over World, I was thinking of all the YA fantasy I've enjoyed. L. Frank Baum's Oz books, the Harry Potter series, and The Chronicles of Prydain are among my favorites. I also wanted to write a book for my daughter."

Jeffrey Ford A Conversation With Jeffrey Ford
An interview with Nick Gevers
On the use of metaphor today:
"The use of metaphor, I am afraid, is on the way out in literature. Too bad. It requires readers' minds to operate on multiple levels at the same time. Metaphor used in the right degree, at just the right juncture, is really language magic. Whole books have been written about it, but no one has ever been able to definitively say how or why metaphor works. For me, there is something very mystical about it."

Christopher Fowler Christopher Fowler
An interview with David Mathew
On finding time to write:
"Everybody here is extremely understanding, and the hours are rather flexible. That's one thing... I sometimes book some holiday time from the company, just to be on my own to write. But after the third day of sitting in my dressing-gown at four o'clock in the afternoon, having struck up an unnaturally complex conversation with the milkman, I think: Christ, I've got to get out more."

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