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Photo: Ekko Von Schwichow Jonathan Carroll
Jonathan Carroll was born in 1949 in New York. His father was a screenwriter; his mother an actress and lyricist. He attended Rutgers University then the University of Virginia. He became an English teacher, eventually moving to the American International School in Vienna, Austria in 1974. Carroll still lives in Vienna with his family.

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Land of Laughs (1980)
Ace / Viking / Orion

Land of Laughs Land of Laughs Thomas Abbey is the lonely child of a famous movie actor. Grown up, he's a prep school teacher who is fascinated by the work of Marshall France, a legendary author of children's books who wrote The Land of Laughs, Green Dog's Sorrow, and other haunting classics. France had retreated from the world and hidden himself away in tiny Galen, MO before dying of a heart attack at age 44. Tom Abbey meets a fellow France aficionado, Saxony Gardner, and woos her. Together, they decide to write a biography of France and arrive in Galen on a slow, summer day; expectant, delighted, and a little trepidacious of what they might find. To their surprise, the town has been waiting for them. Slowly, they begin to realize that this small Midwest town and its inhabitants, human and animal, are not what they seem. The magic of Marshall France had extended far beyond the printed page.

Voice of our Shadow (1982)
Viking / Arrow Books

Voice of our Shadow Joe Lennox is an ordinary man, raised in a New York suburb and striving to make his way as a writer. For him, Vienna is not just one of the alluring cities of Europe but a refuge in time and place from a childhood tragedy. Joe's older brother, Ross, had taunted him as they played near a subway line and, touching the third rail, died instantly. However, he lives on in Joe's lonely guilt and dreams. In Vienna, Joe develops a friendship with Paul and India Tate, and their destinies become intertwined. Joe again becomes haunted by betrayal and death, and is forced to face how the thin the membrane between the demons of the soul and the unseen really is.

Bones of the Moon (1987)
Century / Arbor House

Bones of the Moon Bones of the Moon Cullen James' first dream was to find the perfect man. Finding him, she dreamed of being able to live with him in Europe while they were both still young and full of wonder. That happened too. Continuing to dream, she became pregnant and looked forward to the day when the child would come and she could love it, make it part of her life. Then, the dreams changed and showed her a fantastical land called Rondua where the sea is full of fish with names like Mudrake, Cornsweat and Yasmuda. Where enormous animals, the size of hot air balloons, escort Cullen and an enigmatic child companion across places like the Plain of Forgotten Machines. And, with the dreams of Rondua, come powers that cross over into her day-world and change everything.

Sleeping in Flame (1988)
Legend / Doubleday

Sleeping in Flame Walker Easterling has retired as an actor and screenwriter. He is living in Vienna when he falls in love with Maris York, an artist and beautiful model. To his chagrin, his life begins to come alive in odd and unsettling ways. As Walker's love for Maris deepens, life gets more and more bizarre. He discovers he can see things happening just before they happen as, simultaneously, he feels an incredibly strong tug from his past. Steered to Venasque, an odd little man reputed to be a powerful shaman, Walker is helped to discover and to unravel his many interconnected past lives. Soon, it is obvious an unresolved conflict from these past lives has resurfaced. And it threatens to destroy Walker and Maris' love.

A Child Across the Sky (1989)
Century Legend / Doubleday

A Child Across the Sky Weber Gregston and Philip Strayhorn are best friends. They went to college together; they struggled as nobodies in Hollywood together. Gregson soon becomes the most acclaimed director of his generation. Phil remains unrecognised for years, but then makes a series of notorious horror films, giving him everything. One day, he takes a gun and blows his head off. Why? Weber hopes the answer is on the video tapes that Phil left behind. Step by step, Weber learns that the evil Phil portrayed in his last film is not just slasher gore. Phil created something which threatens his friends' lives, and if Weber doesn't fix it fast, that evil will extend far beyond a handful of people in Hollywood.

Outside the Dog Museum (1991)
Macdonald / Doubleday

Outside the Dog Museum Harry Radcliffe is a brilliant prize-winning architect and a witty, remarkable man. He is also a self-serving opportunist, ready to take advantage of whatever situation come his way. One day, Harry is pursued by the extremely wealthy Sultan of Saru, who wants him to design a very special building. The Sultan, fearing imminent assassination, wants to build the ultimate monument in the form of a billion-dollar Dog Museum. Harry is at an odd point in his life following a recent divorce, an inexplicable nervous breakdown and the complexities of juggling with the affections of two women. He decides to do it. On his arrival in Saru, he learns that the Sultan is no more but his son and heir wants the project to continue: not in the Arabian desert, as previously agreed, but a remote corner of the Austrian Alps. Little does Harry realize what he is now in the process of creating.

Black Cocktail (1990)
Century Legend / St. Martins

Black Cocktail More like a novella, this work follows Ingram York who has a friend, Michael Billa. Michael is the sort of friend whose funny tales and charm can pull you out of the lowest depths and make life good once more. Along comes Clinton Deix, a friend of Michael's, who tells Ingram that most of those stories are lies. It isn't long before Ingram doesn't know who to believe, and what most confuses and upsets him is that both say they are old school chums. But Michael is in his late thirties while Clinton is still fifteen...

After Silence (1993)

After Silence Pushing forty, Max Fisher is a successful LA cartoonist. Scarred by recent affairs, he is cautious yet intrigued when he meets Lily Aaron and her son Lincoln. As Max spends more time with them, he falls hoplessly in love. Max thinks he may have found the perfect mate, the perfect child; and they seem to love him, too. But all is not perfect. After Max moves in, he discovers Lily has committed a terrible crime, and has been running from the truth for years. Max is suddenly faced with making the most difficult decision of his life: should he right Lily's wrong and sacrifice his adoptive family or should he look away from the truth?

From the Teeth of Angels (1994)
HarperCollins / Doubleday

From the Teeth of Angels On holiday in Sardinia, Ian McGann goes to sleep one night and meets Death in a dream. It promises to answer any of McGann's questions, but if he fails to understand the answers he will have to pay with his life. In Hollywood, a famous actress, Arlen Ford, realizes at the height of her career that she is lost in her life. To save herself, she gives it all up and flees to Europe, where she meets war correspondent Leland Zivic. Arlen finds an all-consuming relationship; she has been waiting for this man all her life. And in Vienna, Wyatt Leonard, terminally ill, suddenly discovers that he has the ability to raise the dead. The novel follows the fates of all three as they converge.

Kissing the Beehive (1998)
Doubleday / Orion

Kissing the Beehive Kissing the Beehive Sam Bayer is spinning his wheels. He's past his third divorce, he's bored with writing formulaic best-sellers (oh my!), and he's missed his latest deadline. A visit to his home town ignites his missing spark. He meets a fan, Veronica Lake, who is gorgeous but a little odd, and falls into a girl's old murder case. When he was a teenager, Sam had found the body, and now his daughter is in jeopardy when the murderer reappears. Then things get really weird.

The Marriage of Sticks (1999)
Victor Gollancz / Tor

The Marriage of Sticks The Marriage of Sticks This novel is told in first person by Miranda, a rare book dealer, who delights in finding that one book her customers can't live without. She's a popular, attractive woman who loves her lucrative career which allows her to travel a good part of the year. Miranda's new lover, Hugh Oakley, leaves his family for her only to disappear from her life. She has a visit from an unborn child who betrays her, hurts her. She knows her home is going to burn down but she doesn't own a house. She sees a strikingly familiar wheelchair-bound woman abandoned on the freeway but she doesn't stop to help. It is only after she meets and is befriended by Frances Hatch does she begin to realize what the future holds and how she'll be judged. Frances is as "old as the hills", a plain-talker who doesn't have the time to dither with people.

The Wooden Sea (2001)
Victor Gollancz / Tor

The Wooden Sea The Wooden Sea Frannie McCabe is the sheriff and thereby in charge around town. Or, at least, he's supposed to be able to control what's going on. One day, a 3-legged dog dies in front of him. Little does he know how this sad event is going to profoundly change things. It comes in the form of a student thought dead by suicide telling him she didn't do it, finding the buried dog in the trunk of his car, meeting himself as a teenager who has come to warn him, finding himself occupying his own body far in the future, punching what may be an angel in the schnoze and then what may be aliens from space show up. Oh yeah... Frannie has to save the world by the weekend.

White Apples (2002)
Victor Gollancz / Tor

White Apples Vincent Ettrich is dead but he doesn't know it yet. He runs into a business acquaintance who seems surprised to see him. But when Vincent finds out that Bruno is dead, he concludes that life has definitely taken an odd turn. Finally convinced that he too has shrugged off this mortal coil, Vincent is adrift until he discovers that his girl friend may be an alien. And, if things couldn't get worse, Vincent's one true love, Isabelle Neukor, is arriving on a flight from Vienna, pregnant with their child.

Glass Soup (2005)

Glass Soup A sequel to White Apples, Glass Soup follows Isabelle, who has made it back to the realm of the living with her dead lover, Vincent Ettrich. Still carrying Vincent's child, Anjo, she must give birth to him here. For the child is one who might be able to foil the plans of "Chaos," a godlet who is hell-bent upon severing the mortal world and that of the afterlife. It's possible to do this by being born of a dead father in the land of the living.


The Panic Hand (1996) / Die Panische Hand (1989)

The Panic Hand The two anthologies,The Panic Hand and Die Panische Hand , collect the following stories:
A Bear in the Mouth
The Dead Love You
The Fall Collection
A Flash in the Pants
Friend's Best Man
The Jane Fonda Room
Learning to Leave
The Life of My Crime
Mr. Fiddlehead
My Zoondel
The Panic Hand
A Quarter Past You
The Sadness of Detail
Tired Angel
Waiting to Wave
A Wheel in the Desert, the Moon on Some Springs

Uncollected Short Fiction

The Art of Falling Down
1990 Walls of Fear Kathryn Cramer, ed.

The Moose Church
1991 A Whisper of Blood Ellen Datlow, ed.

The Discovery of Running Bare
1992 In Dreams Paul J. McAuley & Kim Newman, eds.

Uh-Oh City
1992 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June

The Lick of Time
1993 Monsters in Our Midst Robert Bloch, ed.

The Hustler, Smoking
1995 Necon XV program book

Alone Alarm
1996 Interzone December

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