Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Winners

The Romantic Times has announced the winners of its Reviewers’ Choice Awards. The winners of sf genre interest are listed below. Currently, I have not found a complete list of winners, but will add titles in the various Paranormal categories as I find them.

  • Best Science Fiction Novel: Half a Crown, by Jo Walton
  • Best Fantasy Novel: The House of the Stag, by Kage Baker
  • Best Epic Fantasy Novel: The Hero of Ages, by Brandon Sanderson

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Clarke Winner

The winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award was announced during the opening ceremonies of Sci-Fi-London 8: The Eighth Annual International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film. This year, the award included a prize of £2009. The winner is Ian R. MacLeod for the novel Song of Time.

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Flint Undergoes Heart Surgery

Following an angiogram, doctors have determined that Eric Flint needs to undergo bypass surgery to clear several blockages. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday, April 30 and expects to spend about a week in the hospital recuperating before returning home to continue his recuperation.

Origin Award Nominees

The nominees for the 35th Annual Origins Awards have been announced. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at Origins on Saturday, June 27.

Board Games

  • Agricola
  • Ninja vs. Ninja
  • Pandemic
  • TOMB
  • Wealth of Nations

Children’s, Family, and Party Games

  • Backseat Drawing
  • duck! duck! Go!
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Living Labyrinth
  • Rorschach: The Inkbot Party Game
  • Say Anything

Historical Board Games

  • Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear
  • Espana 1936
  • The Battle of Monmouth
  • The Campaigns of King David
  • Pursuit of Glory

Card Games

  • Dominion
  • Monty Python Fluxx
  • Red Dragon Inn 2
  • Ticket to Ride Card Game
  • Trailer Park Wars

Collectible Card Games

  • Chaotic: M’arrillian Invasion Beyond the Doors Booster Pack 8
  • Highlander the Card Game: Search for Vengeance 11
  • Magic the Gathering: Shards of Alara 1
  • Portal
  • World of Warcraft the Trading Card Game: Servants of the Betrayer 2


  • Hungerblade, by Robin D Laws
  • Infernal Sorceress, by Gary Gygax
  • The Killing Ground, by Graham McNeill
  • The Pirate King, by R.A. Salvatore
  • Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2, edited by James Lowder & Mike O’Sullivan


  • KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 1, by Wolfgang Baur, Nicolas Logue
  • Lost Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home, by Margaret Weis
  • No Quarter Magazine, edited by Nathan Letsinger
  • Things We Think About Games, by Will Hindmarch & Jeff Tidball
  • Tour de Lovecraft: the Tale, by Ken Hite

Miniature Figure Game Rules

  • Classic Battletech: Tactical Operations
  • Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniature Game
  • WARMACHINE: Legends
  • WH40K: 5th Edition
  • World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures

  • Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniature Game
  • Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars
  • WARMACHINE Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat
  • WH40K: Space Marines
  • World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules

  • Fields of Glory Miniature Rules
  • Volley & Bayonet: Road To Glory
  • Cold Steel and Canister
  • Song of Drums and Shakos
  • Chevauchee: Rules for Battles with Medieval Miniatures

Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules Supplements

  • RISE OF ROME (Fields of Glory Supplement)
  • Operation Cobra, The Normandy Breakout–FW206 Cobra Flames of War
  • WWII Eastern Front Skirmish Scenarios
  • Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Age of Eagles: Napoleon Vs Europe 1813 – 14, AOE Scenario Book

Historical Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures

  • 28mm Imperial Romans
  • King Philips War 28MM
  • SS-Panzerdivision ‘Das Reich’ Panzerkompanie (GEAB06) [15mm Line]
  • 28mm Celts
  • 15mm Ancient Saxons

Role-Playing Games

  • CthulhuTech
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Players Handbook
  • Mouseguard Role-Playing Game
  • Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook
  • The Trail of Cthulhu

Role-Playing Game Supplements

  • Buccaneers of Freeport
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  • Hero Lab
  • Serenity Adventures
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game Accessories

  • Chibithulhu
  • Classic Battletech: Record Sheets 3039
  • D-Total
  • Duel Decks: Jace vs Chandra
  • Living Arcanis T-Shirt
  • Wicked Munchkin Bag & Die

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Asimov’s and Anlab Readers’ Polls

The winners of the Asimov’s Readers’ Awards and Analog‘s Analog Analytical Laboratory (AnLab) Awards were announced by Asimov’s editor Sheila Williams during the Nebula Weekend in Los Angeles.

Asimov‘s Readers’ Awards

  • Best Novella: “The Room of Lost Souls” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (April-May)
  • Best Novelette: “The Ray-Gun: A Love Story” by James Alan Gardner (February)
  • Best Short Story: “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” by Kij Johnson (July)
  • Best Poem: “Deaths on Other Planets” by Joanne Merriam (April-May)
  • Best Cover Artist (tie): Tomasz Maronski (March) and John Picacio (September)

Analog‘s Analytical Laboratory (AnLab) Awards

  • Best Novella: “Tenbrook of Mars” by Dean McLaughlin (July-August)
  • Best Novelette: “The Man in the Mirror” by Geoffrey A. Landis (January-February)
  • Best Short Story: “Starship Down” by Tracy Canfield (October)
  • Best Fact Article: “The World’s Simplest Fusion Reactor” by Tom Ligon (January-February)
  • Best Cover: April 2008 by Scott Grimando

SFWA Election Results

SFWA has announced the results of this year’s officer elections. All of last year’s officers were running for reelection and were unopposed, so the results are less than surprising. Nobody ran for the office of Overseas Regional Director, which is currently vacant. All officer positions are filled with one year terms while regional director terms are for three years.

President: Russell Davis
Vice-President: Elizabeth Moon
Secretary: Mary Robinette Kowal
Treasurer: Amy Casil
SFWA Western Regional Director: Jim Fiscus
SFWA Overseas Regional Director: Vacant

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JumpCon Indictments

Shane Senter, who announced a series of several media conventions called JumpCon, has been indicted on two counts of theft and four counts of unfair or deceptive business practices. Senter had hoped to make JumpCon an event in several different cities, beginning with Boston. The Boston con was cancelled shortly before it was supposed to have been held in 2008 and no JumpCons ever occurred.

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About JumpCon

Locus Award Nominees

The top five nominees in each category of the Locus Award have been announced. The winners will be announced at the Locus Award ceremony in Seattle, WA the weekend of June 26-27, 2009.

Science Fiction Novel

  • Matter, by Iain M. Banks
  • City at the End of Time, by Greg Bear
  • Marsbound, by Joe Haldeman
  • Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
  • Saturn’s Children, by Charles Stross

Fantasy Novel

  • The Shadow Year, by Jeffrey Ford
  • Lavinia, by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • The Bell at Sealey Head, by Patricia A. McKillip
  • The Dragons of Babel, by Michael Swanwick
  • An Evil Guest, by Gene Wolfe

First Novel

  • Thunderer, by Felix Gilman
  • Black Ships, by Jo Graham
  • Pandemonium, by Daryl Gregory
  • The Gone-Away World, by Nick Harkaway
  • Singularity’s Ring, by Paul Melko

Young-Adult Novel

  • Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow
  • The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman
  • Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan
  • Nation, by Terry Pratchett
  • Zoe’s Tale, by John Scalzi


  • “The Erdmann Nexus,” by Nancy Kress
  • “Pretty Monsters,” by Kelly Link
  • “The Tear,” by Ian McDonald
  • Once Upon a Time in the North, by Philip Pullman
  • “True Names,” by Benjamin Rosenbaum & Cory Doctorow


  • “Pump Six,” by Paolo Bacigalupi
  • “The Ice War,” by Stephen Baxter
  • “Shoggoths in Bloom,” by Elizabeth Bear
  • “The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away,” by Cory Doctorow
  • “Pride and Prometheus,” by John Kessel

Short Story

  • “King Pelles the Sure,” by Peter S. Beagle
  • “Boojum,” by Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette
  • “Exhalation,” by Ted Chiang
  • “The Kindness of Strangers,” by Nancy Kress
  • “After the Coup,” by John Scalzi


  • Analog
  • Asimov’s
  • F&SF
  • Realms of Fantasy
  • Subterranean


  • Ace
  • Baen
  • Night Shade Books
  • Subterranean Press
  • Tor


  • The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: 21st Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link & Gavin Grant
  • Galactic Empires, edited by Gardner Dozois
  • The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois
  • Eclipse Two, edited by Jonathan Strahan
  • The Starry Rift, edited by Jonathan Strahan


  • Pump Six and Other Stories, by Paolo Bacigalupi
  • The Drowned Life, by Jeffrey Ford
  • Pretty Monsters, by Kelly Link
  • The Best of Lucius Shepard, by Lucius Shepard
  • The Best of Michael Swanwick, by Michael Swanwick


  • Ellen Datlow
  • Gardner Dozois
  • David G. Hartwell
  • Jonathan Strahan
  • Gordon Van Gelder


  • Bob Eggleton
  • John Picacio
  • Shaun Tan
  • Charles Vess
  • Michael Whelan

Non-Fiction/Art Book

  • Spectrum 15: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, edited by Cathy Fenner & Arnie Fenner
  • What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction, by Paul Kincaid
  • Rhetorics of Fantasy, by Farah Mendlesohn
  • Coraline: The Graphic Novel, by Neil Gaiman, adapted and illustrated by P. Craig Russell
  • Tales From Outer Suburbia, by Shaun Tan

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Novak Diabetes Auction

Author Brenda Novak has announced her Fifth Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research, set to begin on May 1 and run through the end of the month. Lots are being donated by authors and publishers with the funds going to support diabetes research. Having raised $252,300 in 2008, Novak is hoping to break $300,000 in May 2009. In addition, the individual who places the most bids (whether winning or not) will receive an HP touch screen computer valued at $1300.

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Obituary: Tom Deitz

Author Tom Deitz (b.1952) died on April 27 of heart failure. Deitz was the 2007 Phoenix Award and wrote novels including the Soulsmith series, Windmaster’s Bane, and The Gryffon King. In the 1970s, Deitz contributed to the fanzine Aphelion and to APA MOTiVE in the 1990s.