Origin Award Nominees

The nominees for the 35th Annual Origins Awards have been announced. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at Origins on Saturday, June 27.

Board Games

  • Agricola
  • Ninja vs. Ninja
  • Pandemic
  • TOMB
  • Wealth of Nations

Children’s, Family, and Party Games

  • Backseat Drawing
  • duck! duck! Go!
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Living Labyrinth
  • Rorschach: The Inkbot Party Game
  • Say Anything

Historical Board Games

  • Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear
  • Espana 1936
  • The Battle of Monmouth
  • The Campaigns of King David
  • Pursuit of Glory

Card Games

  • Dominion
  • Monty Python Fluxx
  • Red Dragon Inn 2
  • Ticket to Ride Card Game
  • Trailer Park Wars

Collectible Card Games

  • Chaotic: M’arrillian Invasion Beyond the Doors Booster Pack 8
  • Highlander the Card Game: Search for Vengeance 11
  • Magic the Gathering: Shards of Alara 1
  • Portal
  • World of Warcraft the Trading Card Game: Servants of the Betrayer 2


  • Hungerblade, by Robin D Laws
  • Infernal Sorceress, by Gary Gygax
  • The Killing Ground, by Graham McNeill
  • The Pirate King, by R.A. Salvatore
  • Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2, edited by James Lowder & Mike O’Sullivan


  • KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 1, by Wolfgang Baur, Nicolas Logue
  • Lost Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home, by Margaret Weis
  • No Quarter Magazine, edited by Nathan Letsinger
  • Things We Think About Games, by Will Hindmarch & Jeff Tidball
  • Tour de Lovecraft: the Tale, by Ken Hite

Miniature Figure Game Rules

  • Classic Battletech: Tactical Operations
  • Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniature Game
  • WARMACHINE: Legends
  • WH40K: 5th Edition
  • World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures

  • Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniature Game
  • Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars
  • WARMACHINE Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat
  • WH40K: Space Marines
  • World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules

  • Fields of Glory Miniature Rules
  • Volley & Bayonet: Road To Glory
  • Cold Steel and Canister
  • Song of Drums and Shakos
  • Chevauchee: Rules for Battles with Medieval Miniatures

Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules Supplements

  • RISE OF ROME (Fields of Glory Supplement)
  • Operation Cobra, The Normandy Breakout–FW206 Cobra Flames of War
  • WWII Eastern Front Skirmish Scenarios
  • Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Age of Eagles: Napoleon Vs Europe 1813 – 14, AOE Scenario Book

Historical Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures

  • 28mm Imperial Romans
  • King Philips War 28MM
  • SS-Panzerdivision ‘Das Reich’ Panzerkompanie (GEAB06) [15mm Line]
  • 28mm Celts
  • 15mm Ancient Saxons

Role-Playing Games

  • CthulhuTech
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Players Handbook
  • Mouseguard Role-Playing Game
  • Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook
  • The Trail of Cthulhu

Role-Playing Game Supplements

  • Buccaneers of Freeport
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  • Hero Lab
  • Serenity Adventures
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game Accessories

  • Chibithulhu
  • Classic Battletech: Record Sheets 3039
  • D-Total
  • Duel Decks: Jace vs Chandra
  • Living Arcanis T-Shirt
  • Wicked Munchkin Bag & Die

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