Prix Aurora Winners

The winners of the Prix Auroras, presented for Canadian Science Fiction, were announced on August 7. The winners were…

  • Best Long Form Work in English: Marseguro, by Edward Willett
  • Meilleur livre en francais: Les vents de Tammerlan, by Michele Laframboise
  • Best Short-Form Work in English: “Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta,” by Randy McCharles
  • Meilleur nouvelle en francais: “Le Dome de Saint-Macaire,” by Jean-Louis Trudel
  • Best Work in English (Other): Neo-Opsis, edited by Karl Johanson
  • Meilluer ouvrage en francais (Autre): Solaris, edited by Joel Champetier
  • Artistic Accomplishment: Looking for Group, by Lar deSouza
  • Fan Achievement (Fanzine): The Original Universe, edited by Jeff Boman
  • Fan Achievement (Organizational): World Fantasy 2008, Randy McCharles
  • Fan Achievement (Other): Heather Dale Concert, Joan Sherman (Organizer)