Lumiere Award Winners

The first annual Lumiere Awards were presented on February 23 to honor the use of #D technology in film. The Awards were presented by the newly formed International 3D Society.

Live-Action Feature: Avatar
Animated Feature: Up
Short: Partly Cloudy
Documentary: Under the Sea 3D
Live-Action Stereography: Avatar
Animated 3D Stereography: Coraline
3D Character: Neytiri in Avatar
3D Scene: Avatar
Visual Effects: Avatar
Achievement for Marketing 3D Content: Avatar
Converting Film from 2D to 3D: G-Force
3D Talent Award: Brendan Frasier for Journey to the Center of the Earth
Vision Award: Jeffrey Katzenberg
People’s Choice for 3D Live-Action Film: Avatar
People’s Choice for 3D Animated Film: Coraline

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