SFRA Awards Announced

The Science Fiction Research Association has announced the winners of its annual awards. The awards will be presented at their annual conference, held this year in Carefree, Arizona from June 24-17.

  • Pilgrim Award (for lifetime contributions to sf & f studies): Eric Rabkin
  • Pioneer Award (for the most outstanding sf studies essay of the year): Allison de Fren, “The Anatomical Gaze in Tomorrow’s Eve,” Science Fiction Studies, No. 108, Vol. 36 (2), July 2009: 235-265
  • Clareson Award (for distinguished service): David Mead
  • Mary Kay Bray Award (for the best essay, interview, or extended review in the past year’s SFRA Review): Ritch Calvin, “Mundane SF 101”
  • Student Paper Award (for the best paper presented at the previous year’s SFRA conference): Andrew Ferguson, “Such Delight in Bloody Slaughter: R. A. Lafferty and the Dismemberment of the Body Grotesque”

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