Prix Aurora Announced

The winners of the Canadian Prix Aurora were announced the weekend of May 21 at Keycon27/Canvention 30 in Winnipeg. Winners in all categories are listed below. The Prix Aurora is voted on by the membership of Canvention.

Best Novel in English: Wake, by Robert J. Sawyer
Meilleur Roman en Français (Best Novel In French): Suprématie, by Laurent McAllister
Best Short-Form Work in English: ”Pawns Dreaming of Roses,” by Eileen Bell
Meilleure Nouvelle en Français (Best Short-Form In French): «Ors blancs» by Alain Bergeron
Best Work in English (Other): Women of the Apocalypse, edited by the Apocalyptic Four
Meilleur Ouvrage en Français (Autre) / (Best Work In French (Other): Revue. Joel Champetier, éditeur
Artistic Achievement: Dan O’Driscoll, Cover of Steel Whispers
Fan Accomplishment (Fanzine): WCFSAZine , edited by Richard Graeme Cameron
Fan Accomplishment (Organization): David Hayman, organization Filk Hall of Fame
Fan Accomplishment (Other): Ray Badgerow, Astronomy Lecture at USS Hudson Bay

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