Obituary: Charles S. Roberts

Game designer Charles S. Roberts (b. 1930) died on August 20. Roberts designed Tactics, widely considered to be the first modern board wargame. In 1958, he founded the Avalon Hill Game Company, which produces games including D-Day, Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge, Gettysburg. His games inspired a generation of later designers, including Dungeons & Dragon’s co-creator Dave Arnason.

Obituary: William Lenoir

Astronaut William B. Lenoir (b. 1939) died on August 28. Lenoir joined the Astronaut Corps as part of Group 6 in 1967 as a scientist-astronaut. He flew his only mission in November 1982 as a mission specialist aboard Columbia flight STS-5, which was considered the first operational flight of the shuttle. Lenoir left NASA in 1984 after declining a space on a 1985 shuttle launch. He went on to work for Booz Allen Hamilton. He returned to NASA in 1989 as Associate Administrator for Space Flight and remained until 1992, when he again left for BAH, where he remained until his retirement in 2000.

Bentley Book Giveaway

In honor of the paperback release of C.F. Bentley’s Enigma, Phyllis Irene Radford (who wrote the book under the Bentley name) is giving away three copies of the book to random Book View Café readers. The drawing is open until September 1, 2010. Anyone (in the US) who wants to enter can send an email to with your name and street mail address.

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Pegasus Nominations

The Pegasus Award nominations have been announced by Erica Neely. The Pegasus Awards are given out for excellence in filk and are presented at OVFF the weekend of October 22 in Worthington, Ohio. Anyone with an interest in filk may vote for the awards.

Best Song

  • “Gabriel Gray’s Song,” by Batya Wittenberg
  • “Here Be Cartographers,” by Ben Newman
  • “Small Designs,” by Barry Childs-Helton
  • “Take It Back,” by Kathleen Sloan
  • “A Thousand Ships,” by Katy Droege-Macdonald and Juliane Honisch

Best Classic Song

  • “Dragon For Sale,” by Ben Newman
  • “Fire in the Sky,” by Jordin Kare
  • “I Am Stardust,” by Lloyd Landa
  • “Ship of Stone,” by Don Simpson
  • “Will Ye Come Back Home?,” by Mike Richards

Best Performer

  • Play It With Moxie
  • Playing Rapunzel
  • S.J. Tucker
  • Sassafrass
  • Toyboat

Best Writer/Composer

  • Barry Childs-Helton
  • Heather Dale
  • W. Randy Hoffman
  • S.J. Tucker
  • Batya Wittenberg

Best Magic Song

  • “Die Puppen [The Dolls],” by Eva Van Daele-Hunt
  • “Like Their Feet Have Wings,” by Gwen Knighton
  • “Magnus Retail,” by Mary Crowell
  • “Pharmakoia,” by W. Randy Hoffman
  • “Where the Magic is Real,” by Paul Kwinn

Best Mad Science Song

  • “Dawn of the Day Before the Time of the Land the Lost Dinosaurs Forgot to Remember,” by Rand Bellavia/Adam English
  • “Evil Overlords Anonymous,” by Jessica Stevenson/Alasdair Prett
  • “Mad Science Cafe,” by Brooke Lunderville
  • “Mad Scientist’s Love Song,” by Gary McGath
  • “What a Woman’s For,” by Seanan McGuire

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Xatafi-Cyberdark Nominations

Nominees for the Xatafi-Cyberdark Awards have been announced. The Spanish language awards will be presented at the Getafe Negro Convention in Madrid the weekend of October 18.

Spanish Language Book

  • El fondo del cielo, by Rodrigo Fresán (The Bottom of the Sky)
  • Fin, by David Monteagudo (End)
  • De mecánica y alquimia, by Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (On Mechanics and Alchemy)
  • Mobymelville, by Daniel Pérez Navarro
  • La ultima noche de Hipatia, by Eduardo Vaquerizo (Hipatia’s Last Night)
  • Alarido de Dios, by José Miguel Vilar-Bou (God’s Howl)

Transated Book

  • Titán, by Ben Bova
  • Diáspora, by Greg Egan
  • El corcel, by Carol Emshwiller (The Mount)
  • El nombre del viento, by Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind)
  • El reparador de biblias, by Tim Powers (The Bible Repairman)
  • Visión ciega, by Peter Watts (Blindsight)

Spanish Language Story

  • El faro de las islas de Os Baixos,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (“The Lighthouse of Os Baixos”)
  • Lapis philosophorum,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel
  • La maldición de los Zweiss,” by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (“The Curse of the Zweiss”)

Translated Story

  • Un alma embotellada,” by Tim Powers (“A Soul in a Bottle”)
  • El camino de bajada,” by Tim Powers (“The Low Road”)
  • Dondequiera que se oculten,” by Tim Powers (“Wherever It Hides”)
  • El reparador de biblias,” by Tim Powers (“The Bible Repairman”)

Best publisher initiative

  • Editorial La Biblioteca del Laberinto, for publishing Aguistín de Foxá
  • Editorial Impedimenta, for the translation of Stanislaw Lem’s work into Spanish
  • Editorial Mondadori, for its career and contribution to the genre
  • Editorial Salto de Pagina, for its career and its investment in the fantastic in Spanish

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Pulps in New Zealand

The University of Otago Library in Dunedin, New Zealand, will be featuring an exhibit on Australian Pulp magazines from August 27 through December 10. The exhibit will focus on the pulp magazine industry that grew up in Australia after the government embargoed American-published pulp magazines, but will also include some of the American pulps to place the Australian magazines in context.

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World Fantasy Award Nominations

The nominations for the World Fantasy Awards, to be presented at this year’s World Fantasy Con in Columbus, Ohio, have been announced.


  • Blood of Ambrose, by James Enge
  • The Red Tree, by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • The City & The City, by China Miéville
  • Finch, by Jeff VanderMeer
  • In Great Waters, by Kit Whitfield


  • The Women of Nell Gwynne’s, by Kage Baker
  • “The Lion’s Den,” by Steven Duffy
  • The Night Cache, by Andy Duncan
  • “Sea-Hearts,” by Margo Lanagan
  • “Everland,” by Paul Witcover

Short Story

  • “I Needs Must Part, the Policeman Said,” by Richard Bowes
  • “The Pelican Bar,” by Karen Joy Fowler
  • “A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest from the First Survey Voyage of the Southern Waters by HMS Ocelot, As Observed by Professor Thaddeus Boswell, DPhil, MSc, or, A Lullaby,” by Helen Keeble
  • “Singing on a Star,” by Ellen Klages
  • “The Persistence of Memory, or This Space for Sale,” by Paul Park
  • “In Waiting,” by R.B. Russell
  • “Light on the Water,” by Genevieve Valentine


  • Poe, edited by Ellen Datlow
  • Songs of The Dying Earth: Stories in Honor of Jack Vance, edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois
  • Exotic Gothic 3: Strange Visitations, edited by Danel Olson
  • Eclipse Three, edited by Jonathan Strahan
  • American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny: From Poe to the Pulps/From the 1940s to Now, edited by Peter Straub
  • The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Sixtieth Anniversary Anthology, edited by Gordon Van Gelder


  • We Never Talk About My Brother, by Peter S. Beagle
  • Fugue State, by Brian Evenson
  • There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried To Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Scary Fairy Tales, by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
  • Northwest Passages, by Barbara Roden
  • Everland and Other Stories, by Paul Witcover
  • The Very Best of Gene Wolfe/The Best of Gene Wolfe, by Gene Wolfe


  • John Jude Palencar
  • John Picacio
  • Charles Vess
  • Jason Zerrillo
  • Sam Weber

Special Award – Professional

  • Peter & Nicky Crowther for PS Publishing
  • Ellen Datlow for editing anthologies
  • Hayao Miyazaki for Ponyo
  • Barbara & Christopher Roden for Ash-Tree Press
  • Jonathan Strahan for editing anthologies
  • Jacob & Rina Weisman for Tachyon Publications

Special Award – Non-Professional

  • John Berlyne for Powers: Secret Histories
  • Neil Clarke, Cheryl Morgan, & Sean Wallace for Clarkesworld
  • Susan Marie Groppi for Strange Horizons
  • John Klima for Electric Velocipede
  • Bob Colby, B. Diane Martin, David Shaw and Eric M. Van for Readercon
  • Ray Russell & Rosalie Parker for Tartarus Press

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Creative Arts Emmy Awards

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were presented on August 21. Most of these awards, given in 70 categories, are technical awards. The precede the Primetime Emmys, which will be announced on August 29. Winners of Creative Arts Emmys of genre interest are listed below.

  • Outstanding Animated Series: Disney Prep & Landing
  • Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program: Robot Chicken: Full-Assed Christmas Special
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Art Direction: Andy Harkness, Disney Prep & Landing
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Background Key Design: William M. George III, Disney Prep & Landing
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Storyboard Artist: Joe Matteo, Disney Prep & Landing and Greg Colton, Family Guy: “Guide to the Multiverse”
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Background Painter: Nora Murphy-Berden & Chu-Hui Song, Generator Rex: “The Day That Everything Changed”
  • Outstanding Stunt Coordination: Danny Wessels for FlashForward: “No More Good Days”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media – Fiction: Star Wars: Uncut
  • Outstanding Children’s Program: Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

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Obituary: David L. Wolper

Producer David L. Wolper (b. 1928) died on August 10. Wolper is best known as the producer of Roots, but also produced a television version of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon and the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Obituary: Elaine Koster

Elaine Koster (b. 1940) died on August 10. Koster was president and publisher of Dutton/NAL before she founded her own literary agency in 1998. Koster published Stephen King’s “Richard Bachmann” novels, as well as Greg Iles and Peter Straub.