Obituary: Graham Crowden

Actor Graham Crowden (b.1922) died on October 19. Crowden appeared in the Doctor Who serial “The Horns of Nimon” and reportedly turned down the opportunity to replace Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. Other genre work included The Last Days of Man on Earth, Star Maidens, Jabberwocky, and the voice of Mustrum Ridcully in the animated adaptation of Soul Music.

CanSMOF Scholarships Awarded

CanSMOF, Inc., the parent organization for Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon in Montreal, has announced the award of two scholarships to help fans attend SMOFCon this December in San Jose, CA. The winners will each receive $500 to defray expenses. One of the awards was limited to a Canadian con-runner, while the other was open to any con-runner.

  • Canadian Scholarship: Kent Pollard, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Open Scholarship: Norman Cates of Wellington, New Zealand

Pegasus Awards

The Pegasus Awards were presented at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF) the weekend of October 22-24. The winners are listed below.

  • Best Filk Song: “A Thousand Ships,” by Ju Honisch / Katy Dröge-Macdonald
  • Best Classic Filk Song: “Fire In The Sky,” by Jordin Kare
  • Best Performer: S. J. Tucker
  • Best Writer/Composer: Heather Dale
  • Best Mad Science Song: “What A Woman’s For,” by Seanan McGuire
  • Best Magic Song: “Where The Magic Is Real,” by Paul Kwinn

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Obituary: Don Leifert

Actor Don Leifert (b.1950) died on October 23. Leifert appeared in several science fiction and horror films, including Crawler, The Galaxy Invader, Nightbeast, and The Alien Factor.

Obituary: Denis Simpson

Actor Denis Simpson (b.1950) died on October 22 of a brain hemorrhage. Born in Canada, Simpson appeared in the television movie Final Days of Planet Earth and an episode of the short-lived 2007 series Flash Gordon. He also appeared in an episode of the television show Night Visions. He also was the original vocalist for the Nylons.

Obituary: Alex Anderson

Animator Alex Anderson (b.1920) died on October 22. Anderson created the design for the characters of Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Bullwinkle J. Moose, Dudley Do-Right, and Crusader Rabbit while working for Jay Ward Productions. Because Anderson did not want to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles, he did not work directly on Rocky and His Friends or subsequent shows and only had a consulting credit. Anderson sued Jay Ward Productions for credit in the creation of the characters.

Gernsback in Luxembourg

“Hugo Gernsback: An Amazing Story” opens at the National Literary Centre in Luxembourg on October 27 and runs through March 18, 2011. The exhibit, which is open Monday through Friday from 10-6, documents Gernsback’s life, including his interest in technology and science fiction and his ties to Luxembourg.

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Obituary: Simon MacCorkindale

Actor Simon MacCorkindale (b.1952) died on October 14 from bowel and lung cancer. MacCorkindale appeared in the television shows Earth: Final Conflict, Quatermass, Relic Hunter, Poltergeist: The Legacy, and the title character in Manimal. He also appeared in the film The Sword and the Sorcerer.

Of Dwarves and Hobbit

New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson have announced preliminary casting for their two-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The title role of Bilbo Baggins will be played by Martin Freeman and the leader of the Dwarves, Thorin Oakenshield will be portrayed by Richard Armitage. The rest of the announced company of Dwarves include Aidan Turner (Kili), Rob Kazinsky (Fili), Graham McTavish (Dwalin), John Callen (Oin), Peter Hambleton (Gloin), Stephen Hunter (Bombur), and Mark Hadlow (Dori). Ian McKellan is expected to reprise his role as Gandalf and Andy Serkis is planning to do the motion capture for Gollum again.

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Potter & BSG in Seattle

“Harry Potter: The Exhibition” opens this weekend at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle Center. On the other side of Seattle Center, the exhibit “Battlestar Galactica” opens at the Science Fiction Museum. The Harry Potter exhibit, which debuted at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, is touring and making its fourth stop, its first on the West Coast. The Battlestar Galactica props, which include three spaceships, fifteen costumes, and more, are now part of the SFM collection and will be sent on tour in about 18 months.

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