EPIC Nominations

The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition has announced the nominees for the 2012 Epic Awards for e-published books. Categories with nominees of genre interest are listed below. The winners will be announced at EPICon in March, 2012.


  • Dame Topaz Treasures, by Carrie S. Masek
  • Dragon’s Lure, edited by Neal Levin
  • Winter Wishes, edited by Angela James


  • Psyche’s Prophecy, by Ann Gimpel
  • The Sevenfold Spell, by Tia Nevitt
  • Thief of Hope, by Cindy Young-Turner


  • Pillar’s Fall, by Ben Larken
  • The Death of Lou Grant, by David Halliday
  • The Last Vampire, by Kathryn Meyer Griffith


  • Healey’s Cave, by Aaron Paul Lazar
  • One Blood, by E.F. Watkins
  • Piper’s Fury, by Rachel Firasek
  • Revelations, by Carrie Lynn Barker

Science Fiction

  • Crewkin, by Rhobin L. Courtright
  • The Crystal Desert, by Catherine Wells
  • The Immortality Virus, by Christine Amsden


  • “Almost Heaven,” by Kimberly Gardner
  • “Do Over,” by Mari Carr
  • “Eagle’s Redemption,” by Cindy Spencer Pape
  • “Hearts in Darkness,” by Laura Kaye
  • “Jaq’s Harp,” by Ella Drake
  • “Song from the Abyss,” by Margaret L. Carter
  • “Stormy Wedding,” by Kelli Scott

Fantasy Romance

  • Bound: A Faery Story, by Sophie Oak
  • Knightfall, by Berinn Rae
  • One Thousand Kisses, by Jody Wallace
  • The Sleigh Maker, by Candace Sams

Horror Romance

  • A Demon Inside, by Rick R. Reed
  • Demon’s Dance, by Evey Brett
  • Devil Music, by E.C. Stacy and Thia Myles
  • Endless Lust, by Lexxie Couper

Paranormal Romance

  • Blacque/Bleu, by Belinda McBride
  • Capricorn: Forgotten Faces, by Vivien Dean
  • Dead Sexy, by Paige Tyler
  • Key of Solomon, by Cassiel Knight
  • Mask of Ice, by Elaine Lowe

Science Fiction Romance

  • Outcast Mine, by Jamie Craig
  • Silver Bound, by Ella Drake
  • Steam and Sorcery, by Cindy Spencer Pape
  • To Kiss Or To Kill, by Jean Lorrah

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