DreamHaven to Close

Greg Ketter has announced that he will be closing DreamHaven Books on 38th Street in Minneapolis. DreamHaven has been in business for thirty-five years and, at one time, had multiple stores as well as a catalog and convention presence. According to Ketter, the catalog will continue and he will continue to attend and sell books at conventions.

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More Changes for BFS

Following David Howe’s resignation as Chairman of the BFS, Graham Joyce has been appointed acting chair. He has stated that the 2012 Fantasycon will not be held in Corby, as previously announced, and will not be chaired by Howe and Sam Stone. The organisation is searching for a new venue and will announce the location and dates as soon as they are finalised. Joyce will also appoint a committee to overhaul the Awards system and make it more transparent and enfranchise a broader base of readers.

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Obituary: Barry Polonsky

Chicago area fan Barry Polonsky (b.1964) died on October 10 after a battle with cancer. Polonsky, who was known as “Oneleggedman,” was an attendee at many Chicago area science fiction conventions and was an active organizer of the Chicago Speculative Fiction Community.

Warren Ellis Documentary

Warren Ellis will appear for a question and answer session before the London debut of the documentary Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, which is part of the London International Comics Festival. The screening will take place at 7:00 GT at Bishopsgate Institute’s Great Hall, in London. The London debut will take place one day after the world debut for the film occurs at the Napa Valley Film Festival in California.

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Howe Resigned from BFS Committee

Following allegations concerning the administration of the British Fantasy Awards, David Howe has resigned from his position on the British Fantasy Society despite exoneration of any wrong-doing from the organization. Ramsey Campbell, the President of the organization, notes that Howe had stepped up to procure the awards, but had nothing to do with the nominations or tabulations of results and has thanked Howe for his service, particularly regarding the past year.

Campbell’s Statement

Science Fiction Encyclopedia 3 Goes Live

The beta text of the third edition of the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, edited by John Clute and David Langford has gone live. The editors note that additional entries will continue to be added and the current version is not final. The on-line version is sponsored by Gollancz.

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Obituary: Marilyn Nash

Actress Marilyn Nash (b.1924) has died. Nash only appeared in two films. Her second film was the 1951 science fiction movie Unknown World. Her only other movie role was as the girl in Charlie Chaplin’s Monsieur Verdoux.

Obituary: David Hess

Actor David Hess (b.1942) died on October 8. Hess appeared in several horror films, including Zombie Nation, The House That Wept Blood, House on the Edge of the Park and its sequel. He also appeared in an episode of Knight Rider and Manimal and was in the film Swamp Thing.

Obituary: George Baker

Actor George Baker (b.1931) died on October 7. Baker may have been best known for appearing in the Ruth Rendall Mysteries, but he also had numerous genre roles, including an appearance in the Doctor Who serial “Full Circle,” the 1980s television series Robin Hood, The Curse of the Fly, The Sword of Lancelot, and several James Bond films.

Stone Returns Award

Sam Stone has announced that she will return the British Fantasy Award she won over the weekend after accusations of mismanagement and controversy erupted. Stone, who said “it was always my dream to one day win an award,” is “absolutely devastated by the comments made and the last few days” and decided to return the award because she “cannot allow this controversy to taint the integrity of those involved.”

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