Obituary: Anne McCaffrey

Author Anne McCaffrey (b.1926) died on November 21 following an heart attack. McCaffrey, who was best known for her Pern series, had her first story published in 1953. McCaffrey won a Hugo Award in 1968 for the first Pern story, “Weyr Search” and won a Nebula the following year for “Dragonrider.” In 2005, she was named Grandmaster by the SFWA and is an inductee into the SF Hall of Fame. Other works by McCaffrey include The Ship Who Sang and its sequels, The Crystal Singer and many more. McCaffrey worked on several collaborations with younger writers over the course of her career.

  1. Gin — November 22, 2011 @ 5:56 pm

    This makes me want to cry. She was so awesome. I loved every one of her books and her characters were my friends. I’m very glad I was afforded the opportunity to meet her once, at a Dragoncon… she was amazing.

  2. AmyCat =^.^= (Book Universe) — November 22, 2011 @ 8:10 pm

    Meeting her was the highlight of the ’06 L.A. WorldCon for me. She stopped at my booth in the Dealers’ Room and I squeee’d like a total fangirl… then found out that she was a fellow “Stargate” fan. I’d been reading her books since I was in college; the “Dragonriders” omnibus was the first book I ordered when I joined the SFBC as a freshman, and I’ve been a Pern fan ever since. She was a lovely lady and will be much missed.