BSFA Nominations

The British Science Fiction Awards nominees have been announced. The awards will be presented at Eastercon in April.

Best Novel

  • Cyber Circus, by Kim Lakin-Smith
  • Embassytown, by China MiĆ©ville
  • The Islanders, by Christopher Priest
  • By Light Alone, by Adam Roberts
  • Osama, by Lavie Tidhar

Best Short Fiction

  • “The Silver Wind,” by Nina Allan
  • “The Copenhagen Interpretation,” by Paul Cornell
  • “Afterbirth,” by Kameron Hurley
  • “Covehithe,” by China MiĆ©ville
  • “Of Dawn,” by Al Robertson

Best Non-Fiction

  • Out of This World: Science Fiction But Not as We Know It, by Mike Ashley
  • The SF Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition, edited by John Clute, Peter Nicholls, & David Langford
  • Review of Arslan, by M.J. Engh & Abigail Nussbaum
  • SF Mistressworks, edited by Ian Sales
  • Pornokitsch, edited by Jared Shurin & Anne Perry,
  • The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who, by Graham Sleight, Tony Keen, & Simon Bradshaw

Best Art

  • cover for The Noise Revealed, by Dominic Harman
  • cover for A Monster Calls, by Jim Kay
  • cover for Osama, by Pedro Marques
  • cover for A Glass of Shadow, by Anne Sudworth

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