Obituary: Danny Lieberman

New York fan Danny Lieberman (b.1959) died on October 19 after entering hospice a few days earlier. Lieberman had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2011. Lieberman was involved in con-running and attended numerous worldcons.

Helen Marshall Steps Down from ChiZine

Managing Editor Helen Marshall has announced that after three years she is stepping down from her position at ChiZine. During her tenure, she co-founded the Aurora Award-nominated Chiaroscuro Reading Series and the Aurora Award-winning Toronto SpecFic Colloquium and oversaw the growth of the publisher from a print-on-demand to having world-wide distribution. Samantha Beiko will be taking over the duties as Managing Editor.

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DC Retains Superman Rights

A Federal Court ruled that Joe Shuster’s heirs do not have the right to reclaim copyright on Superman, a character co-created by Shuster and Jerry Siegel. The judge noted that a 1992 agreement to receive annual payments from DC Comics in exchange for all rights to the character made by Shuster’s sister superseded the Shuster heirs’ claim under “termination rights” in U.S. copyright law. In 2008, Siegel’s widow was able to successfully reclaim some of the copyright.

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Earth Size Neighbor Found

Scientists have discovered a planet only slightly larger than Earth in orbit around Alpha Centauri, only 4.37 light years from Earth (only Proxima Centauri is closer). The planet, which was discovered based on fluctuations in the star’s movement, orbits closer to its primary than Mercury does and completes an orbit every three days. The discovery was made using data from La Silla Observatory in Chile and will be officially announced in Nature on October 17.

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GUFF Race Opens

Julie McMurray and Mihaela Marija Perković have been announced as the two candidates for this year’s GUFF race to send a European Fan to Australasia. McMurray is a British fan and Perković is a Croatian fan. Voting will run until January 7, 2013.

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Apex Magazine Subscription Drive

Apex Magazine is running its annual subscription drive through November 15. Apex is offering several different methods of subscribing, both through their website and Amazon, as well as a discount for direct subscriptions. Subscribers will also receive a free e-book and the chance to win physical swag in a raffle.

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Obituary: John Clive

Actor John Clive (b.1938) died on October 14. Clive appeared in the film A Clockwork Orange, Queen Kong, and provided the voice for John Lennon in Yellow Submarine. He appeared in a couple of the Carry On… films and an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Obituary: Marcus Swayze

Comic artist Marcus Swayze (b.1913) died on October 14. Swayze began working for Fawcett Comics in 1941, where he worked on Captain Marvel (SHAZAM) and co-created Mary Marvel. His other titles included The Phantom Eagle and The Flyin’ Jenny. He remained there until 1953, when Fawcett folded its main comic line. He worked for Charlton for a short time after Fawcett sold its business to them. While serving during World War II, he was called upon to accompany Bing Crosby for two USO performances.

WSFA Small Press Award

The winner of this year’s WSFA Small Press Award, presented at Capclave to original short fiction published by a small press, is “The Patrician,” by Tansy Rayner Roberts. The story was published in Love and Romanpunk, by Twelfth Planet Press and edited by Alisa Krasnostein. Roberts previously won the award in 2010.

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Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award

Jonas Wissting was named the recipient of the Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award at the Swedish National Convention. The award, named for Swedish fan Alvar Appeltofft, who died in 1976, is the premiere Swedish fan award. Wissting is a long-time fan who has made numerous records of panels and speeches. The award includes a certificate and a cash prize of €500.

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