Obituary: Dann Cahn

Director and editor Dann Cahn (b.1923) died on November 21. Cahn worked as an editor on the television shows My Mother the Car and Man from Atlantis. he was a producer of the made-for-tv fantasy film The Legend of the Golden Gun. In 2000, he won a Career Achievement Award from the American Cinema Editors.

Obituary: Deborah Raffin

Actress Deborah Raffin (b.1953) died on November 21. Raffin starred in many horror films, including The Sentinel, Dance of the Dwarfs, and Scanners II: The New Order. She served as the executive producer of the made-for-tv Futuresport and appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone. In addition to acting, Raffin and her husband co-founded Dove Audio.

Utopiales Awards Announced

The Utopiales Awards were presented in Nantes, France. The awards carry a prize of €3000 and are presented for works produced by Europeans and published in French in the year of eligibility.


  • Utopiales European Award: Biting the Shield (Mordre le bouclier), by Justine Niogret (France)
  • Utopiales European Youth Award: Blood Red Road (Saba ange de la mort), by Moira Young (UK)

Feature Films

  • Grand Prix: Eega (Fly), by S. S. Rajamouli (India)
  • SyFy Public Award & Special Mention: Iron Sky, by Timo Vuorensola (Finland)
  • Special Mention : The Human Race, by Paul Hough (UK)

Short Films

  • Jury Award: “Apnoe,” by Harald Hund, Paul Horn (Austria)
  • Audience Award: “The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb” (“La Mysterieuse disparition de Robert Ebb“), by Francois Xavier Goby, Matthieu Landour and Clement Bolla (France, UK)
  • Special Mention : “Robots of Brixton,” by Tavares Kibwe (UK)
  • Special Mention : “Error 0036,” by Raul Fernandez Rincón (Spain)
  • Special Mention : “Tvillingen” (“The Twin”), by Gustav Danielsson (Sweden)


  • Utopiales Comics Award: Daytripper, by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
  • Jury Special Award : Big Crunch, by Remi Gourrierec

Video Games

  • Tie: Thanks for Playing and 2012 Game
    Role Play:

    • Best Screenplay: Victor Bret for War Hero

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Rotsler to Chamberlain

C. Ross Chamberlain has been awarded the 2012 Rotsler Award for long-time fannish artistic achievement in science fiction at Loscon 39 on November 24. The Rotsler was established in 1998 and includes a $300 honorarium. Sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, the award is named for William Rotsler. The current judges include Claire Brialey, Mike Glyer, and John Hertz.

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Obituary: Dinah Sheridan

Actress Dinah Sheridan (b.1920) died on November 25. Sheridan’s film and television career lasted from 1937 through 1999 and included the role of Chancellor Flavia in the Doctor Who episode “The Five Doctors.” She also appeared in the episode “The Thirteenth Reunion,” part of the series Hammer House of Horror. Prior to her film career, she toured in a production of Peter Pan with Charles Loughton and Elsa Lanchester, in which Sheridan played the role of Wendy.

SLF Gulliver Travel Grant

The Speculative Literature Foundation has announced the winner of the Gulliver Travel Grant. Shuchi Saraswat has received the $800 grant to travel to elephant sanctuaries to research the relationship between elephants and their caretakers for her multigenerational novel about a Hindu family.

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Obituary: Larry Hagman

Actor Larry Hagman (b.1931) died on November 23. Best known for his role as J. R. Ewing on Dallas, a role he has recently reprised, he portrayed astronaut Tony Nelson on the television show I Dream of Jeannie. He also appeared in episodes of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery and had a bit role in the film Superman. In 1964, he appeared in the film Fail-Safe.

Lewis in Westminster

British author C.S. Lewis, who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia, The Perelandra trilogy, The Screwtape Letters, and several works on religion, will be honored with the placement of a memorial stone in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey on November 22, 2013, the fiftieth anniversary of his death. Lewis will be the first addition to Poet’s Corner since Ted Hughes was added in December of 2011. Poet’s Corner is part of the south transept of Westminster Abbey, so named for the large number of poets, playwrights, and writers buried and commemorated there.

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Obituary: Vanessa Schnatmeier

Los Angeles fan Vanessa Schnatmeier (b.1954) died on November 20 from complications of endometrial cancer. Schnatmeier was active is LASFS and wrote for the groups APAzine as well as other fanzines. She was also active in Regency dancing, cofounding the Bay Area English Regency Society in 1985.

Hunt Offers Tuckerization

British author Stephen Hunt is offering his fans the chance to appear as a character in his next novella. A reader selected at random will give his or her name to the king or queen of the space pirates in Hunt’s work in progress. Hunt is the author of the Jackelian series and the Sliding Void series. The novella will be part of the Sliding Void series.

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