BSFA Finalists

The nominees for the British Science Fiction Award have been announced. The winner will be announced at Eastercon in Brighton the weekend of March 29.

Best Novel

  • Dark Eden, by Chris Beckett
  • Empty Space: a Haunting, by M John Harrison
  • Intrusion, by Ken MacLeod
  • Jack Glass, by Adam Roberts
  • 2312, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Best Short Story

  • “Immersion,” by Aliette de Bodard
  • “The Flight of the Ravens,” by Chris Butler
  • “Song of the Body Cartographer,” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
  • “Limited Edition,” by Tim Maughan
  • “Three Moments of an Explosion,” by China MiĆ©ville
  • “Adrift on the Sea of Rains,” by Ian Sales

Best Artwork

  • Ben Baldwin for the cover of Dark Currents
  • Blacksheep for the cover of Jack Glass
  • Dominic Harman for the cover of Helix Wars
  • Joey Hifi for the cover of Thy Kingdom Come
  • cover artwork for Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden

Best Non-Fiction

  • “The Complexity of the Humble Space Suit,” by Karen Burnham (Rocket Science, Mutation Press)
  • “The Widening Gyre,” by Paul Kincaid (Los Angeles Review of Books)
  • The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature, by Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn (Cambridge University Press)
  • The Shortlist Project, by Maureen Kincaid Speller
  • The World SF Blog, edited by Lavie Tidhar

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