Obituary: Peter Duryea

Actor Peter Duryea (b.1939) died on March 24. Duryea was cast as Lt. Jose Tyler in the original Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” which which was later used in “The Menagerie.” He also appeared in episodes of The Outer Limit, Bewitched, and the film Blood of the Iron Maiden.

Obituary: Mitchell Hooks

Artist Mitchell Hooks (b.1923) died on March 18. Although Hooks was best known for his non-sf work, including book covers and movie posters, he also provided covers for Daniel Galouye’s Dark Universe, Richard Matheson’s The Shores of Space, Piers Anthony’s Var the Stick, and others. He also painted the movie poster for Dr. No.

Obituary: David B. Silva

Horror author David B. Silva (b.1950) died on March 13. Silva edited the magazine The Horror Show from 1983 through 1990 and began publishing short fiction in 1983 with the story “Beth” in Eldritch Tales. His short story “The Calling” won the Bram Stoker Award and his collection Through Shattered Glass won the International Horror Guild Award. Silva’s novels included The Disappeared and Child of Darkness. With Paul F. Olson, he edited two horror anthologies.

Obituary: Rick Hautala

Horror author Rick Hautala (b.1949) died on March 21. He began publishing novels in 1980 and received the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Horror Writers of America in 2012. Hautala teamed up with Christopher Golden to write the Body of Evidence series. In addition, he published as A. J. Matthews as well as screenplays.

Worldcon and NASFiC Candidates

LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the official bidders for the 2015 Worldcon and the 2014 NASFiC. All bidders have successfully turned in their paperwork. Members of LoneStarCon 3 will select the winners, who will be announced at the Sunday business meeting at the Worldcon. A NASFIC may be held in 2014 since the Worldcon will take place in London that year.

2015 Worldcon:

2014 NASFIC:

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“Snodgrass” Airs in UK

A dramatization based on Ian R. MacLeod’s alternate history story “Snodgrass” is being made as part of the UK Sky Playhouse. Snodgrass, about a world in which John Lennon left the Beatles before they hit it big. The production, which will air on Sky Arts 1, is based on the first third of the story. The show will be broadcast on April 25. John Lennon will be portrayed by Ian Hart, who previously portrayed Lennon in The Hours and Times (1991) and Backbeat (1994).

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Apollo 11 Engines Found

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced that a privately funded effort has located and recovered two of Apollo 11’s first stage F1 engines located on the ocean floor about 350 miles from Cape Canaveral in 3 miles of water. The engines were part of the first stage booster that lifted Apollo 11 on the flight that resulted in the first manned landing on the moon.

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Obituary: James Herbert

British author James Herbert (b.1943) died on March 20 at his home in Sussex. Herbert wrote his first horror novel, The Rats in 10 weeks when he was 28. It was later made into a film, as were three of his other novels. His novels include ’46, The Survivors, and The Secret of Crickley Hall. In 2010, he was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth and a Grand Master by the World Horror Society.

Philip K. Dick Judges

The judges for the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award have been announced. The judges will select from books published in 2013 with the award presented at Norwescon in March of 2014. Paperback originals published in 2013 should be sent to all of the judges on the list. The Philip K. Dick Award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society.

  • Elizabeth Bear
  • Siobhan Carroll
  • Michael Kandel
  • Jamil Nasir
  • Tim Sullivan

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Obituary: Micky Moore

Actor and director Micky Moore (b.1914, Michael Sheffield) died on March 4. Moore was a child actor in silent films from 1919 until 1927 and as an adult continued to work in films as a second unit director. His genre work include the first three Indiana Jones films, When Worlds Collide, the 1953 version of War of the Worlds, Ghostbusters II, Willow, and more. He also worked on Patton, Chaplin, and The Ten Commandments.